Bug (bad luck) in my account?

.I am always the best striker in everything but I have not won anything in the last 2 months, are you punishing me for my complaints ???
It is difficult to evolve my heroes, real tabard never won, only on tasks? Check if something is wrong with my account please.


Very unlikely to be a bug, almost certainly just very bad luck.

What size titans are you fighting? Even A+ won’t give good loot often if it’s a smallish titan. Could you change Alliance to move up a level or two?

Not knocking your team, just thinking of solutions.


Definitely bad luck. Malfunctioning account only for items? Hard to believe :slight_smile:

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Just bad luck. I don’t have the most powerful account, as I’m C2P, but yet I get decent loot.

The items displayed in the screenshot started to come after 8 weeks of (almost) no item from any chest / titan.

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I’ve changed ally five times and we have killed titans from 3 ao 11. I only remember getting a telescope within 80 days. On my account everything is hard, i get no epic token, no kind of energy vial, no 3* and 4* rising items, summons result in rare heroes only, no hero of the month, useless mystical sight, ct 20 only brings me rare. Then i complain here and nothing happens.
I’m at level 50 with only four heroes 5*.


Sounds very, very frustrating.

I can only guess that you’re an ‘out-lyer’, that is, sometimes we see accounts that have been very lucky and unfortunately, the stats show that there will be the opposite case too.

I guess your options are fairly bleak, persevere or try a different game and see if it works out better.

Not very encouraging, I’m afraid.


@JonahTheBard thought you were outing a liar!!


I shall switch from my mobile to playing on my new homophone.

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That’s not a bug, that’s a feature.

Welcome to the Bad RNG Club! :grin:

It’s not a great club to be in. Most of our meetings, we just take turns complaining about our terrible pulls and loot. Doug was supposed to bring donuts but they were out, all they had left were stale bagels. Feel free to help yourself to a cup of coffee though. It’s been sitting there on the warmer all day so it tastes kind of burnt, but most of us are used to that. :smile:


I was going to attend, but I read a review of the meeting online, and it only got 3 stars :star::star::star::man_shrugging:t3:


3 stars? That doesn’t sound right.

Oh, that must be Jeff. We had a 1.5 star average, Jeff said he was going to create a bunch of fake accounts and give us 5 star ratings to boost our average.

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My longest streak without receiving a 4* mat from loot was nearly 4 months. So it’s bad luck for sure, but not as bad as it may seem so.

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It is not the first time I complain, it is not a matter of luck or bad luck in my account, everything does not work as it should. I don’t win epic hero chips, I don’t win tabards or tonics, chest awards are ridiculous. I made 20 costume calls and only the rare came. The atlantida and event coins are useless in my account. 18 months that I play and only got 3 legendary heroes in summons, is this normal ???
Is it normal to never win an event hero or hero of the month ???
Is it normal to have sabotaged titan trays all the time ???
Is it normal to have sabotaged tournament boards ???
Is it normal for so many problems in one account only ???
Fix this for me because I want a return on the time and investments I give for this game, I won’t be playing and investing if I don’t have decent results, I had 4 accounts and now I only have this one: # [private account ID removed by moderator].
I’m an admirer of the game but I can’t continue the way it is … Where are the heroes of the month that I never win ???
Solve this, please !!!

You’re not going to like this answer… but yes, that all sounds “normal” for this game, in my experience.

There’s actually a moderator on this forum who has been playing for something like 3-4 years and has never pulled a HotM (not going to mention name).


@JonahTheBard Good catch, and merge.

Didn’t realize I had already replied to the same person about the same complaint. And here we are several months later and OP still hasn’t figured it out.

I mean yeah. I complain. Complaining is free, and it’s a lot more cathartic to me than throwing my phone against the wall.

I know the odds are absolutely terrible, and I’ll complain up and down, left and right, backwards and forwards, all day and all night about how awful and stupid and terrible they are, and nobody can tell me I’m wrong, because deep down, every E&P player who is familiar with the summoning odds knows that I’m right - the summoning odds are insanely low. That’s just a fact, Jack. It’s not a bug. It’s “part of the game”. And many people seem to like it that way. 's all good. I can’t change their minds, they can’t change mine. Agree to disagree and whatnot.

But, like the system or not, either way I think we most all agree that “almost never getting good heroes from summons” is not a bug. It’s just par for the course.


Yup, it’s like déjà vu all over again :crazy_face:

I’ll give you five bonus points for using “cathartic”, though.

The revelation that @M00R3 has four accounts yet continues to struggle with the reality of the summons mechanism raised an eyebrow


I, um… cough may or may not have more than one in-game account… and definitely see a difference in the, uh, “luck” or RNG factor (or whatever the hell evil invisible force guides my damnable fate) between one account and another…

Like I do 10 summons on my main and get all 3* feeders… get A or A+ on every titan on my main and get a freaking leaf and a piece of rope… meanwhile my 100% FTP alt pulls the ******* HotM in one try and gets a compass and a tonic from scoring a C on the titan? What fresh hell is this?

Devil, thy name is RNG!


Hello. I thought this is happening only to me. But i see there are a lot of complains about this topic. I’ve decided to stop spending money on this game because from april 2019, i haven’t got anything from this game. The tc20 is giving me only the players i’ve already got (4 khagan, 4 vivica, 4 joon, etc. This probability is almost 0), no ascend item 4* (i’ve got only 3 of them, excepting quests, in 10 months), no hotm, no results at tournaments … and a lot of bad things. A lot of my friends, started to play 1 year after me, and have better teams than i have, without spending any money. I’m thinking there must be something to do with this game to become correct for every player. Thanks and hope something will change about this.


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