Bug Attack Titan

Hi ! I’m the leader of Orval

Apéro, a membre of my alliance, has a bug when he wants attack the titan.

The points are not recorded when he finished the attack. And sometimes, titan’s flags are removed, sometimes no.

So he has to delete Empire and reinstall it to have his points recorded.

He sent a request but don’t received an answer.
Can you help us please ? We need him for titans and it’s not fun for him to play like that :confused:

He has a Huawei Mate S if it’s could help to know why he has this bug

Thank you and sorry for my english X)

I am co-leader for Death Team United and one of my memders just had a similar experience. Mamakk played three flags and her scores were not recorded, there for she didn’t receive any loot. :sleepy:

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