Bug Ariel mana not working

Ariel mana regen not working

@mandersgear Some more details and maybe a video/screenshots will be helpful. These are things the forum community and/or the devs will need to help determine 1. If this is an issues, or 2. What is causing the issue.

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Icon says 18% mana regen but mana bar does not fill after each round heal and debug works fine. I play on iPhone

Ariel increases mana generation, but doesn’t herself generate mana. This is different than, for instance, Alberich, who causes allies to generate mana each turn.

So the question is whether Ariel had other reasons to be gaining mana that her special could increase.

Did you make any blue tile matches during the turns while her special was active, feed mana pots, or otherwise generate mana?


So her special works with tile damage as the same way musahi gains health. Wow it does not say that how this increase effect works.

It does say that. Works just like khagan and Lancelot.


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