BUG Aramis heals much more than his ability

Aramis has healing calculations far above the specified in his special ability Eh stating that heals 30% of the damage done.

In the image below it dealt a total of 1771 damage And it should heal a total of 531.

But the total cure for him was 971.

In addition to being an extremely strong hero, his healing powers are above that of an ordinary passive healer.

If this isn’t a bug, the healing calculations possible on Aramis are very disproportionate.

He has Aether Power (50% increase healing)
And his troop surely is with healing.

Edit: I’ve just found this guy, his Aramis has mana troop at 30 lvl (20% healing bonus) and as a ranger he could have (and surely has) 2% healing bonus (from 19th node).

(531 + 22%) + 50% = 971


Yes, you are correct in the calculation.

But for an Atk hero,. reach such a high healing total, something is wrong with the hero’s planning. in the second atk when he hits 3 the cure reached more than 1250 for all heroes, not to mention that he has accumulated Extra life.

If this is not a BUG.

That hero becomes the best hero in the game, totally disproportionate to the others.

Well, why do you think everyone uses him and has him at LB2?


This healing side of the special is nothing next to the undispelable ailment imunity… that’s waht makes him so OP…