Bug Ailment distribution/Random Hit vs Taunt heros

All heros that perform multiple random specials hits, hit the taunt hero concentrated (multiple times).

Ailment distributions (Bertila, Lady Loki) are not behaving the same way, the distribution is going to random enemy and gets the taunt protection and the taunt hero is not even effected most of the time.

This behavior is inconsistent compared with damaging specials. It seems the eligibile target calculation is not considered for ailment distributions, while random damaging specials are doing this (Yang Mai, Alfrike, Conchalach)

Either damage specials should stay random and fall under taunt protection too or random ailment distribution should follow the same criteria and apply all ailments to the taunt heros.


You will see two instances where this bug happens,
First time lifting elemental def down and attack down, but not applied to opponent krampus, and in the another instance where elemental defense down is applied on azlar is lifted but still not applied to krampus.

To be honest I’m not sure if I understand your problem :thinking:

Taunt protects all allies from special skill.

So Alfrike only hits the taunt hero.
Bertilla also only hits the taunt hero and gives only the taunt hero the status effects she removes from her team.

I can’t see an inconsistency here.

The only thing I can think of is if the opponent taunter is normal krampus. His def buff is undispellable, so if loki or bertilla remove some def down effect, the opponent team won’t be affected. Taunt protects all the others and krampus can’t get normal def down.
But it would work just fine with element def down or all other effects.

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let me record a video.

Added a recorded example

I think the issue seems less obvious because if you have status ailments on all heros it seems to me that due to internal calculation the taunt hero will get applied the ailment. But if there are only few ailments it is only a chance (number of taunt hero alive/number of heros alive).

It should not work like that.


OK, that’s really interesting. Thanks for the video.

I’m not using bertilla that much so that never happened to me (or at least I never recognized it) , but I think you are right, the taunt hero should get the effects…

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Agree, seems like a bug. C Krampus does not have any protection or undispellable buffs, so he should be affected

Personally, I think it’s how the game treats elemental defense down slightly differently than normal defense down. That could be the reason for the inconsistency.

doesnt matter this bug happens with all liftable attack, defense ailments.

Also Bertila has no problem flipping those when no taunt is active.

I was able to reproduce it with normal def down and normal attack down too, against black knight which can’t resist anything.

I’m not saying that it’s not a bug, I’m just suggesting that the way the game is coded that it’s not applying Bertilla’s special correctly because somehow it’s interpreted differently. @ferg, I mean you just showed it working fine against cKrampus and regular def down. As for the attack down, it could be something to do with a rage / attack down conflict. Attack down should overwrite rage, but for whatever reason it’s not doing it for BK and cKrampus.

Before you say I’m dismissing this, I’m not, I’m just saying what I THINK the issues could be.

Edit: the reason why I’m saying this, is that maybe it isn’t a taunt issue, maybe it’s a rage issue. Anyway, I’m just pointing out what other possibilities could be at play.

I think the reason it worked with krampus was just luck.
There were enough debuffs on my side and I got lucky that krampus was targeted.

When I said I was able to reproduce it, than not always. Sometimes the opponent black knight got the removed debuffs, sometimes not. I played friendly matches, same team on both sides for all battles.

It looks like bertilla first chooses the targets that will get the debuff. After that taunt gets recognized and all heroes get protected, but it seems the debuffs don’t get rearranged.
When the taunt hero wasn’t a chosen target first, he won’t get a debuff.

But that is clearly different than other specials with random hits. Those always target the taunt hero with everything.

Then it does sound like a Bertilla issue. I know my Krampus gets murdered by Alfrike. It would be interesting if other heroes that also randomly distributes lifted debuffs. There’s at least another one, but I forget the name.

I didnt quite understand Bertillas issue.
She hit taunt and enemies were protected.
Taunt hero can taunt whole special or part of that special, but maybe Im slow but I didnt see any issue?
Taunt hero can also taunt debuffs

The issue is that bertilla removes negative effects (atk and defense) and cast them on random enemies.

If the opponent has taunt active, she should cast all those effects on the taunter. But she doesn’t do that, sometimes it seems she targets the other Heroes, but those get protected and nobody gets the effects.

Alfrike for example also targets random enemies, but she hits all cubes into the taunter.

So random is not the same for both.

Either Alfrike should be able to target also heroes which are protected and waste those cubes, or bertilla shouldn’t be able to target protected heroes and cast all those effects on the taunter.
At the moment two heroes with the same random mechanics work different with taunt heroes.


I just rechecked Krampus and it works only for allies, so Yes Krampus should receive Bertillas specials.
I think U R right with this

Thank you for the report! We’ll investigate this issue here.


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