Buffy the Titan Slayer

I was infiltrated by wolfram & hart. My co turned evil and kicked everyone out.
Marianne, ebi, beilsa, pantladdin, Farrah, ray, Louis, bobi g, I’m still looking for you guys to come back
Aubrianna you too if you’re out there.

Come join Buffy the Titan slayers. Super laid back. Use war energy for teams you have 6 is not a must and hit titans. You won’t get kicked for missing one.

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Hi @reneemarie583 just wanted to say that I know how awful this feels because a co leader recently did the same to us, kicking 17 players and 6 haven’t returned. Best of luck with locating these members and building your alliance, Buffy the Titan Slayers :smiley:

If you want to report wolfram & hart, there’s a Line group called E&P Awareness and Prevention which consists of 373 players and is all about raising awareness of such misconduct and preventing it from happening again. My Line ID is charles-p and I can ask for you to be invited, in which you would need to supply screenshots of the incident to an admin.


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