Buffs on war sucks, remove and let us play fair

I dont need help and i dont want the enemy get help from the system, i want play 1 vs 1, remove this ■■■■ buffs from war, let us play fair and clean withouth this buffs. and not say its to balance the duels, i dont want balanced duels if the enemy need balance then play more and up the heroes.


“Let us play fair”…

Since the both sides have the same conditions, it is fair. And here interferes the one’s skills. For example, I have 2 accounts (the alt is mostly F2P, my main is C2P) and at the current war I succeeded 12/12 wins. If I did this with the arrow barrage, how would I perform without defensive support? :wink:

Anyway, the rules are great and actually I would like to see more than these 3 in the future. And I think most players would like such diversity.


“Let us play fair” will not happen. That has been made cristal clear by removing the 1 and 2* tournaments, those were fair and paying players could not get into the 1% winners as easy as in other tournaments. So forget is, the idea is for it to stay unfair so paying players win and can say noob to the free players. After all, that is what they are paying for.

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How is having zero buffs /handicaps fair.
You fight Ai that has zero intelligence you get to choose all your hits and you get to tailor your attack to your choosing . You also get to choose who you hit the defender has no option who hits them .

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I enjoy them. It adds variety and makes you rethink strategies when you battle. If anything, I think it more clearly shows those who know how to play compared to those who just play.

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Please see these existing threads for discussion of removing or revising War Enemy Supports:

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If the intention of this thread is venting rather than suggesting a change in game design, there’s also this thread for doing so without the intention of debate/critique: I'm NEVER coming back! See you tomorrow! Vent thread

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