Buffs for Gregorion

Thread on Greg:

Looking through my roster for rarely used heroes I came across Gregorian.

Back in 2018 I thought he looked really good and wanted him, but never got him.

Fast forward a few years, I had forgot about him until hero academy spit him out, my reaction was, meh :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

He looks very niche as a blue Titan hero but I’m not sure he is even used for that much anymore. Time has not been kind to him.

I think some buffs can make him useable in certain situations

3 different Proposals

  1. Change mana to fast speed. This would put him on par with Kingston in terms of damage/speed. It would also make it easier to keep his crit buff up which is only 3 turns.


  1. Increase his damage from 455% to 485% and increase the duration of his buff to 4 turns. Keep the average speed and improve the special( compare with lianna who hits for 512% at fast speed)


  1. Increase the buff duration to 4 turns and increase the amount of critical % from 30% to 50%(make him a critical specialist)

I haven’t used him as much, so other Greg owners please chime in with their own ideas or even if they think he is fine as is, please post below

My suggestion:

Mana Speed: Average :fast_forward: Fast.
Damage: Deals 455% :fast_forward: 455% damage to the target.
Effect: All allies gets +30% :fast_forward: +50% critical chance for 3 turns
:new: All allies that are not of Nature element get +30% attack of 3 turns.
:new: All Nature allies get +60% attack for 3 turns.

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or give him more damage and increase his critical chance to 40% and make it 4 turns instead of 3

the attack boost will be great too. perfect for titans

He definitely needs at least Crit buff increase and higher chance for activation of the crit from 30% to at least 40% and for at least 1 more turn. and maybe increase his hit from 455% to 485%, if he is gonna stay average speed.
I would love if he was fast, but I don’t think it’s gonna happen.

I suggest keeping him at average speed and having him hit all for 275% while dealing extra to ice enemies and raise his crit percentage to 45% for four turns.

totally agree he should be doing more at Average speed. I get that he gives a crit boost, but even comparing to the S1 snipers (Lianna, Joon, Marjana), seems a tad imbalanced

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With my bench I still use him for blue titans but man, I get the worst scores against them.

I would support him being fast. He should have been all along, even at original release he was not as good as Lianna. The crit chance does not make up for the loss in both speed AND damage.

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