Buffs for Clarissa

Last one of these

She was the first HOTM I ever got and I have used her a lot although not as much recently.

She is a lot like SG’s golden boy gravemaker but overall does less DOT damage. Much like how the original gravemaker is getting a bit aged, so is Clarissa.

3 possible changes;

  1. Add an additional effect to her attack, like targets hit cannot gain any buffs for 2 turns.


  1. Instead of normal poison damage, maybe a corrosive poison (at the same DOT damage) like dark lord or costume jabberwock would help give her versatility by adding a reduction in mana regeneration


  1. Conditional effects to her attack like last 2 turns longer and is undispellable to holy targets

I guess an easy change would be to just increase the damage to make her inline with gravemaker but I think the buff should help make her a bit different

A change to sorcerer class could be beneficial as it can help give her a bit of utility ( and we can use more decent sorcerers)

  • additional effect to her attack
  • corrosive poison instead of normal
  • special effect against Holy
  • changing class to Sorcerer

Man, you literally described potential future costume for her


Sorry intended to just give 3 different options, likely doing all 3 would be OP (but fun)

I hope changes don’t come in the form of a costume, I would probably never get it.

She doesn’t need much to be better
in my opinion she needs this

I like the corrosive poison suggestion but it seems not very useful on 2 turns

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I moved this topic to the Hero Balance category as I tihnk it belongs to there :slight_smile:

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She’s Paladin class, so something that could make her tankier might work - houw about +46 Def to all, goes with her talent and the elemental link of ss Def this plus an extra turn of dot and I’d use her again


Thxs @PlayForFun i haven’t thought to use the categories for my posts that would make it easier to search.

I like the feedback here, I agree she small boost to make her a bit more useable, hopefully SG will agree

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This category is recently added by Staff, and hopefully Staff will look over these topics first under this category when they want change something.

A hero with a similar special, gravemaker, is just oodles better than her.

Totally agree, she’s useless in today’s meta. Buff to 200% direct dmg should be enough… Or add +30% regular defense for all allies would be nice

Small buff coming…

Compared to non-costume Gravemaker …

More initial damage, less DoT. Probably still underwhelming, considering GM is no longer considered a threat on def.

I have her emblemmed since forever, so I’ll use her a bit to see what I think of the buff


Direct damage increased: 135% → 250%
Poison damage over 2 turns increased: 224 → 300

Please share what you find. I’m badly in need of useful purples, but this doesn’t look like it is worth re-embleming or LBing her.

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