Buffs for Captain Nemo

He need this, but every buff SG are made we can see that they don’t do nothing every buff for the old heros it’s just dust in the eyes and nothing more (examples Red Hood, Aerion, Russula…) so if they buff this hero just don’t expect too much, will be like something like he will not deserve the mats again.

Yes, please buff him…

Make him hit 1 target for 600% unless he has status ailments, then target and nearby for 450%

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Judging from the buffs Reuben and lady Locke just got, If captain Nemo ever gets a buff, it will probably be something like “does 350% dmg to target” or if nemo has an ailment he does 650%

The issue is Nemo is a sniper. I personally like snipers but if his strongest hit is contingent on him taking a status ailment first it takes away his soul purpose which is to snipe enemies preferably before your Heroes take damage. There are heroes you can take him against that would make him more usable but that makes him even more niche. They already have hit 3 heroes in seasons 4 and don’t need another. They need to make his regular snipe percentage worthy of being called a sniper say 500% and his is ailments 650%. This way he serves the purpose for what he was intended and is you do get an ailment on him his hits are on par with the current meta of over powered heroes.

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My Captain is going into SE this Feb if there is an interesting exchange for 15 cards. There are way more better Reds to spend rings for me.

One of my few regrets is Nemo, he just doesn’t make sense. He’s fast and his passive gives him a starting mana bonus, making him very fast for his first charge. What are the odds he will get an ailment before he first first? Almost none! So he does Malosi level damage with no other effect. It’s just bad. He needs a rework and NOT just a costume.

Marjana is better than him…how can that be for the Captain of S4?


Exactly! Such a waste of resources, most awful 5* hero of season 4.

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Exactly. He charges super fast - and then you wait because without a status effect, his hit is useless and his fast charge-up is wasted. And lets not forget that the status effect from green titans is attack down. Taken as a whole, the design is ridiculous.

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I can say that most likely this hero should hit for luck, for example, 45% chance is the maximum damage of 600% and 55% is 300%… this option will give him a chance to return…I hope you insist on upgrading of this hero))… :person_fencing:

Why chance though? Gefjon doing 500% every time and steals minions from the season before. Doing 600% damage and nothing else is not unreasonable. Look at the new Lunar heroes that do much, much more.

This is old hero… you right… and please remeber some new HotM Balur who can only 450% and speed of mana is lower… maybe Teluria better 90% … i only say he can return to fight … if staff give Nemo additional minor damage to side aims…it ll be good :ok_hand:

He can work quite well on defence if you are stupid enough to use barbarians. My barbs are quite trigger happy on raids and they can inflict their ailment on turn 1 immediately, I use two btw. Then 1k+ damage back to me

I suspect they will "buff"him when they start s3 costumes.

maybe they pull a santa-style buff that improves only the original when the costume is still lacking.

recent buffs (like lady locke and red hood) dampen my hopes Nemo will ever get a buff that makes him worth the 6 rings

they will add 50% direct damage. from 300% to 350%. if you see buff history.
but maybe it could. they will take out the costumes (because the S4 hero costumes are already in sneak peak 2023).