Buffs for Captain Nemo

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Haven’t seen him mentioned yet but I think he should be in the discussion for a buff

Ability looks good on paper but the conditional nature of his ability is too difficult to use effectively as you usually must wait ( to hit for 600%) for the opponents to fire and by then it could be too late have an impact (I.e. your team is dead are close to death)

As it stands a hero who reliably does 300% damage at fast speed (very fast the first time thanks to the passive) is not very useful especially when you need to wait for the other team to fire before his conditional damage may kick in.

Possible fixes

  1. Change the ability allow the stronger, conditional hit whenever captain Nemo has debuffs or buffs, this would give you more control over his ability and allow you to build a team around him.


  1. Increase the normal hit (without debuffs) from 300% to 425%, this is a strong but not overwhelming strike that can give the option of better damage at that point and not be forced to wait for a debuff.


  1. Only increase the conditional damage to like 900%, doesn’t help him out in a lot of situations he struggles in now, but at least when you get him to work he will pretty much kill anyone target.

Feel free to share opinions, critiques or maybe your own changes you would make.

Captain Nemo has been gathering dust in my roster ever since I pulled him at his first appearance. For me, the special just seems to awkward to bother with as currently described and I’ve just been hoping for a buff for a long time.

I could envision your first option creating a monster and the last option doesn’t change the awkward factor, but seems to just power through it. I like the 2nd option where the base hit generates a more usable hit in more situations and maybe take down the conditional damage if that is needed to level things.


My suggested buff is this:

Captain Nemo
:up: Deals 450% damage to the target.
Deals extra damage if the caster has status ailments or negative stacks.


Voted, Nemo is complete meh.

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My vote it’s limited but for this hero I will vote with 100 votes if I can, one simple fix for him will:

  • deals 300% damage to target and nearby
    -deals 600%/700% damage to the target it the caster has status ailments or negative stacke

Like this he will be useful and in bought of his 2 paragraph of the special and will not be OP because he provides pure damage and nothing else.


Big lackluster, I hardly use him at all. Marjana is my go to fast red 5* and then theres even others before Nemo.

His special needs something else. Anything.


if they just changed the one bit to : “600% damage if the target has ailments” that would solve it and make him already much better. Eori & Fluffy does 600% damage at functionally fast so its already out there

Dark lord, both “functionally fast” and “actually fast” does 550% dmg to target…along with 576 DOT (before emblems and LB) mana gen ailment for 4 turns and buff reduction all to target and NB. And not that it adds any more credence to the argument that captain Nemo sucks, but dark lord was released before nemo.


@artifact I agree it’d make him much better if the “target” had status ailments instead, but they won’t do this because that’s already the ability of the new August HoTM.

@Hu23 Good point, but keep in mind Dark Lord was released at 390%, it’s just he’s been buffed several times while Captain Nemo was left forgotten. I feel like they focus on buffing event heroes.


I’ve been thinking about Nemo. I used mine at 3/70 in the last SE to get Lepiota.

I think a reworking to either:

  1. Cleanses ailments from Self and nearby.
  2. If any ailments removed deals 600% damage to target. If no ailments removed deals 350%damage


  1. Flips any ailments from Self to target. Ailment duration re-sets. Can flip otherwise uncleansable.
  2. Deals 475% damage to the target.

This would make him at least a useable and worthwhile to ascend hero.

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I remember telling my alliance how disappointed I would be if I pulled captain Nemo —- right before pulling captain Nemo.

Learned my lesson.

Wouldn’t be surprised if more people would take season 1 liannas special of unconditional 512% damage over captain nemo’s “my mana is fully charged but I don’t have an ailment yet so let me waste a few turns holding max charge while I wait for an ailment like a dumb f*%$” special

I think only increase damage to 425% / 850% are OK

Yeah, why not make him do 1000% damage. Be realistic, people.
He’s okay as is. Not every hero needs to be OP.

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Yeah agree. Increase damage. But 425% is to low. Should 500% dmg…
Be realistic Capt Nemo is meh. Tahir is better than Nemo. very realistic if nemo needs a buff. when compared to tahir / gefjon.
heroes that are getting out more OP. at least we try to ask for “free” buff.


This card should be re-worked since this is not on level with other Season 4 heroes. Fogg is twice as useful than Nemo. Can say that because I have both cards.


Passive (change to): First time this character casts special skill that deals damage, additional 30% is added to it’s power

  • all ailments on the caster loses their effects for 3 turns

  • deals 450% damage to the target

  • if the caster has any ailments, deal 900% damage to the target

Say this player was “lucky” enough to pull Nemo and had enough resources to max him out. Excitedly, he puts him on his attack team. He even gets enough tiles to charge him up real quick.

Then he realizes, it’s Nemo that needs to have an ailment (and not the enemy) in order for Nemo to shine.

No worries! Nemo will deal the “big damage” to make waiting for an ailment worth it!

So he lets Nemo sit around on a full charge until he gets hit with an ailment - finally, BIG DAMAGE TIME!

He fires Nemo off only to realize the “BIG DAMAGE” was completely negated by the “attack down” ailment he waited for Nemo to collect.

— — — — — — — —

What a fool this guy was, right? He should have let his fully-charged Nemo wait a few more turns to get hit with the “defense-down” ailment instead.


Which is why there needs to be an additional statement at the beginning

  • this skill is not affected by ailments that affect attack

Nothing wrong with holding a special until an optimal moment - it is part of the strategy of the game. But Captain Nemo is one of a very select group of heroes in the game that I think need a buff to be useful. Snipers are anyway generally the least impactful heroes and to have a situational sniper that under optimal conditions does less than newly released snipers, and at worst (could be argued usually) does worse than the very first snipers released in the game - well that is not a hero that I would ever invest in.

I like the idea that you keep him situational but increase the worst and best case damage output - plus maybe return whatever ailment(s) he was given to the caster(s).