Buffs combo

Hi all,
Do you know if Gambler Stance can be used with another attack booster like Bear banner? Will the attack effect be compounded if no miss?

Hello @Belgarion!

At this time (post 1.4 update) Gambler Stance is one of the rare special abilities that will stack with something else that boosts the same stat. The two abilities will add together. Wu Kong’s base attack is 707, so when his attack bonus is active, and you add that bear banner he would have a temporary attack power of 2192…and will misfire approx 40% of the time. Math below for anyone that cares to play with it.

In game, if you are curious to see how much your hero’s stats have been boosted, you can tap and hold on any hero (your own, or an opponent’s), or any monster to see their stats and any modifiers from special abilities. Here is a pic of what you see using the tap and hold feature on Boldtusk. (Thanks for the pic Wif!)

Any stat that is modified will show in green in the upper right corner. This also displays what Boldtusk’s ability in the middle (handy if you need to know for a raid or a boss). And finally what status effects are active on Boldtusk, and how many turns are left for each of them. This clip happens to show Boldtusk boosted by his own special and Wu Kong’s.

… and that’s the long answer! :grin:

And the math for any who care… There’s other ways to write it, but this might be easier to see.

707 (Wu Kong’s base atk) + 707x1.85 (amt from Wu Kong Special) + 707x0.25 (amount from bear banner) = 2192, give or take some rounding.


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