Buffs cancelled with death of hero and potions/ antidotes issue

  1. If a hero dies all buffs that were currently in place on that hero should remain cancelled if that hero has been resurrected. I have seen this several times now. Most recently a hero died while perfect riposte was active. 1-2 turns later they were resurrected and the reflect was still active. It remained the same duration as the others that had it.

  2. I feel that when a hero dies most buffs they had in place should also die with them. You cannot unreal someone or have a resurrected hero die, but a special attack bonus or special defense bonus should be removed.

  3. If your team has poison or something cast on them, simply drinking a antidote cures all. Why not have the same ability for the enemy? If by me drinking a potion I can heal 4 team mates as well, why shouldn’t the opposite be true? Also, why is it only the antidote that heals all? Why not the red and blue potions? Just curious why one does and the others don’t.



in terms of riposte, I had today where it not only brought back Boril with Riposte on him, it auto-riposted Albie, who was next to him. WTF

Fully agree with all points you make, hope the last point doesn’t get looked over simply bc it is unrelated to the post title :slight_smile:

Or at least a new heals all or mana all potions

Can’t he change the title? If not, I’m willing to do it for him… :wink:

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I updated my title… sound better?

I like it! :grin:

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