Buff's and troops

When your hero’s special ability buffs everyone on your team by X% does that include your troops?

Yes or no depending on what you ment.

Basically it goes like this.
1: Each hero has base stats.
2: Each heros base stats are modified by its troop at the start of the encounter.
3: Specials buff X% of the modified stats


But are the troops stats modified by the heroes ability?


Hero standard stats are modified by troops
Then buffs further effect the hero’s modified stats

In that order

As fledoble already said

Hope this helps

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So, are there things that can be done to increase troop/tile damage then?

Troops can be trained to higher levels in a Barracks. You create a Barracks by selecting any level 5 building in your base (preferably a Forge), clicking on it, and selecting Convert. You level up troops in the same way you level up heroes: feed unwanted troops to good troops. You can lock troops in the same way you lock heroes to prevent accidentally feeding away a good troop.

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So… there’s nothing that I can do when in battle to increase the amount of damage done by my troops? No buffs increase tile damage?

ALL attack buffs increase tile damage—E.g. Kiril, Boldtusk, Brienne, Wu Kong, Tarlak, Dragon and bear banners, etc.


What level do you need to be? I am level 14 with a 7 forge and cannot convert

Welcome to the forum @SITH
Once your stronghold is at lvl10, you will have to option to convert a lvl5 building into a barrack.
If you haven’t already, i would suggest you to check the #player-guides category on this forum.
this page as all the info a new player might need to really enjoy his E&P debut.
Feel free to ask other questions and have fun


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