Buffing Papyros and Horus

In my personal opinion and from what I’ve seen other people’s opinions are, papyros and horus are super underclassed compared to the other hero’s that have come out recently, i think papyros would benefit from his minions being a bit more stronger and/or the DOT damage being a bit stronger, with horus i think his upfront damage needs to be higher and possibly his health reduction could be higher.

Just one word for you: Exeera


I think are too strong

Horus is strong enough the way it is

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Exeera is the weakest 5* and should be first in line for a huuuuuge buff

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Jade says hold her beer while she goes into the clinic for a buff.


With the amount of boosted health that is out there now the second part of their special is obsolete and that upfront damage just isn’t good enough for the new hero’s standards.


Think about it, freya and bera’s minions are stronger than papyros minions and they are at fast mana and the DOT damage is about the same as bera’s but bera can stop new minions and papyros doesnt do anything else really.


I agreed Papyros minions definitley need higher attack%.

I would really like to see Horus’ health reduction significantly increased. As is, its somewhat useless. Especially as boosted health as noted above is far more prevelant.

I agree with what your saying and i get that horus is at very fast speed but with how countered the health reduction is i think his upfront damage needs to be a tad bit higher say like 230-240 and papyros DOT damage being at like 300 over 3 turns.

Papyros is more powerful than 1000 heros its a joke

C.Freya can make minions with 25% ( after adjusted) . It would be make sense to give Papyros’s minions 35% hp

Papyros sucks. Horus sucks. Khufu sucks except in rush. Khepri sucks.

What a worthless portal. Not spending a dime on any of this.

Well Horus got his buff but looks like Papyros missed out :smiling_face_with_tear:

I just got Khonshu and I would like to see him buffed too

Are you kidding? khonshu is an absolute beast and doesn’t need a buff, he’s probably one of the strongest hero’s in the game right now!

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LOL…I just got X hero. Buff X hero immediately!!! LOL, nice.

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No stop buffing heros saison 5