Buffing critical troops is at least 3 years over due

Critical troops are a fantastic idea with terrible execution.

Considering the investment to build up troops, it will never make sense to invest for a 15% critical chance while giving up a TON of attack boost.

Maxed crit troop sits at +20% attack compared to +26 for mana and +32! for Ninja. In no mathematical world does giving up that much attack for a chance … chance … of near double damage worthwhile.

Worse, the selection of a specific troop for a specific tile is also random … so it is really a chance of a chance unless all troops are same color and critical.

The shiny new Magic troops give up a lot of attack for much faster mana. I have yet to be convinced of their value either, but with how competitive Mythic Titans can be, it sure would be interesting to find a use for critical troops.

So, they have been broken, ineffective, poorly designed for 3+ years … how about a buff?


How about a new troop, which will give you 30% crit chance with 23% attack.

I know which idea Sg favors :innocent: :money_mouth_face:


Actually, @Guvnor did the math and on average, crit troops do more tile damage than ninja troops.

Your point is entirely valid when it comes to special skills though, so it only makes sense to use crit troops on titans.

And as you mentioned, I don’t think many players have the luxury to max out 5 crit troops in every color on top of their mana/magic/ninja troops just for titans.

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I have always looked at crit troops as the ideal defense option especially for tank(s). A niche troop that you level up at least one of to help with hero survival. The survival stats are substantially improved over other choices.

This is my point of view as well. (I was responding to Rigersa. The conversation tracking of this platform is somewhat lame)

I have tested Crit vs Mana specifically on the defensive tank and the crit troop got crushed over and over again. I was testing on a slow tank.


Yup. SGG may just release CoK troops just to make more money:

Knight Troops

+25% attack
+20% defence
+20% critical
+20% mana

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Crit troops are demonstrably better on defense.

Level 1 mana troop:
+11% defense

Level 1 crit troop:
+16% defense
+4% health


Level 17 mana troop
+15% defense

Level 17 crit troop
+21% defense
+7 % health

I appreciate that you may have tested some but unless you are saying that the numbers aren’t real… I am not sure what you are saying :joy:

I’m suggesting that faster mana speeds and higher attack numbers matter more than the increased defense stat …even on defense.


well that’s fair! thanks for explaining the perspective. I guess it comes down to break points and special, etc. mostly if you can survive 3 tiles of mono from my experience.

I still think troops will get a limit break. Maybe add a new function… Man troops get dodge and crit… And crit gets mana and reflect. We shall see.

Yet, we see none of them on top defenses… they are better on paper, but in this here game, all that matters is being faster…

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When attacking I prefer to see 1500 damage from 1 tile (crit troops) than having a special 1 tile less (mana troops)… just saying :wink:

And SG idea is to implement the 20% crit troop, similar stats as for Magical.

Mana troops will always reign supreme in PVP situations. I took def talents all the way on BK skipping the mana node and he got clobbered constantly. Once I got my troops up/re-did his talents it changed instantly (drastically) I hold 2700ish cups over night, used to be 2500ish. War defense performs so much better. Totally different hero.

A few weeks ago I was trying to see for my own eyes if feinds and minions crit. In the process they shocked the heck out of me.

On maps, events, titans crit troops there is potential. Once I got crit and atk heros, talent nodes and troops all synergized I was melting hard map stages. Not with Ares, Greg or Chameleon heros either lol Melia, Kvasir (re-embleming 5* is expensive lol)

Reviewing vids to count crits required slow playback and lots of pausing lol Never seen anything like it. Heavy crit spam. Attached are screenshots. They dont do justice lol

I used level 21 crit troops, gave everyone crit node on talent path, Melia for crit, BT atk up, kiril d down and Kvasir with the tester minions.

I can only imagine the carnage OP could unleash using better heros lol

Game didn’t give me red mana troops for the longest time. So while I have highly leveled mana troops in the other colors with backups, my best troops for red are my level 25 crit troops. Mana troops currently at 18, 11 and 11 for red. Getting there…would love a buff for the crit troops, but don’t think that’s really necessary.

Very interesting. For farming I just use the full Wonderland family. They crit AND mana as a family bonus … rainbow to boot! :wink:

I see nobody use those critical troops or not use critical path on emblem too. What if critical effects on special skills and make them so dangerous? I think it is cool if not it made already because I don’t use critical troop I think they just effect on tile damage, right?

Mana is too important compared to other stats

Crit troops just aren’t important enough unless you can’t improve the mana.


You right but I like the art of fire critical troop :). I got c Richard from hero academy just now. How is he? Worth to be maxed?

On defence crit troops have advantantage of making slashes impact higher damage.