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I’ve decided to keep the original thread as a single message that I can link to wayward debates.

But it’s great to discuss ways we can communicate positively, so you can continue below :blush:

The original message is:


Momma always says, “Manners are all that keep us from killing each other.”


Great post Bard. I grew up in the AOL era where forums and arguements became the norm. Being older allows me the calmness to realize these arguments are for the most part a waste of time. Like screaming in a closed room, no one hears it or frankly gives a damn.

I’m not naive enough to think this will ever stop, social media has created a mass of humans who only care about “being right”, not learning. I hope this post will at least make a few people temper their harsh attitudes.

One question for the Mods, there was a rash of very tame posts being flagged. Do those who flag A LOT get warned for overusing the ability to do so? I hate thinking the mods are so busy reviewing flags rather than improve the quality of forum life. Also, can forum members get banned? Some never seem to have one kind word to say.



Yes, misusing flags is against the rules

Yes, there are a variety of types and length of ban. If it’s someone who also has some positive contributions, we try to reach out first if possible. If people post very offensive or threatening things, bans can happen instantly.

The worst stuff is filtered out or caught very quickly, followed by a swift booting.

Mods almost always leave long term ban decisions to staff.

And we don’t comment on specific cases.


You guys are already putting up the barriers, eh? That pretty much tells me what I can expect to come. More or less exactly what I was expecting anyway.

I’ve been in my share of trouble here, even when trying to remain civil myself, somehow I still find myself on the receiving end.

No matter. The new changes are not likely to change my opinions at all. Everyone has already heard my point of view many times, so much so that I’m not even sure anymore whether I’m the bat, or the dead horse itself.

I may occasionally interject my usual unsolicited opinion, in addition to the occasional “told you so” ribbing, but overall I will try my best to be civil about it.


Preempting the inevitable. March 25th can’t come soon enough… just got a new air popper, need to buy more kernels.

@JonahTheBard always coming correct.
(Is that allowed?)


Could you please add a disclaimer to this statement? I often flag posts as requested by mods as the preferred method of getting their attention. I’m not a regular anymore so I need to flag to request thread category changes, translation required, duplicate posts requiring merging, a request or question that I feel may get overlooked if it’s missed by a mod, etc.

I rarely flag “offensive” posts unless I find them to be overwhelming obviously offensive.

I probably use flags 5 or more times a week. Does this makes me a member who overuses flags?


I suspect not, it sounds like you’re using flags for exactly the reason @JonahTheBard outlined in the linked article.


I should request a title added to my name…

frequent flagger



Spot on @LiquidMaple

Two demerits for @princess1 for not being word perfect on the original post :face_with_monocle:


So unlike me to not read more carefully. My knee-jerk reaction was “will I be banned?”


It’s just a game. When you get right to the bottom of it…this is a game. It’s not life or death but some of the threads get really out of hand and tempers flare really quickly.

Look, I’m not innocent in this by any stretch but I do always try to be civil and build my opinions out as constructively as I can.

I don’t expect everyone to agree with me but I’m always very happy to have a good old debate on anything as long as it doesn’t end up with name calling and CAPITAL LETTERS. Seriously, we don’t need to shout.

But hey, this is a game which will always create controversy and feel bad moments so :man_shrugging::man_shrugging:






I’m not positive but… about 95% certain that, I am groot, in all caps…with excessive exclamation marks will clear a crowded theater. Someone could get trampled. And should therefore, carry a ban sentence with a punitive fine attached!

I could be wrong tho. That language is so hard to decipher when texting!

I think this thread should qualify for a revival:

[The Forum Debating Chamber vol 1 - Slow Heroes]

Time for Vol. 2? @JonahTheBard
And if that should happen…
I apologize in advance:
The discobot is rigged, there…
I said it


Not unless they give you Frequent Flagger Miles :joy::joy::joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Or get promoted haha, I used to flag alot but was more good intentions was more to merge stuff with a option with link shared to what it could be to merged into. Guess they got sick and tired everyday seeing the red dot waring alot :joy:.

@princess1 done :wink: usually @JonahTheBard does give them for people for stuff on the fourm, but yall cool so I think it be alright :relaxed: :+1:


I’ll wear it proudly :joy::rofl:


Hi @JonahTheBard et al, :slightly_smiling_face:

First and foremost, I can’t begin to thank you and all the moderators enough for everything you (all) do to keep the E&P community forum posts as civil as possible; while (also) allowing for lively and spirited discussions and debates :sparkles::pray: :trophy:
And it’s a balancing act…

Secondly, and just as important, is a big thanks to all the E&P community forum “regulars” (lower case regulars, and not just the TL3s…lol!), like those on this post, who (along with the mods) also try to keep the topics and posts as civil as possible, by simply shaping and influencing the discussion threads towards a more productive and positive manner…but also (often or sometimes) will provide a more sage or assertive point of view that although looks “flaggable” (yeah I know, that’s not a word😂), is usually justifiable (if carefully read).

I’ve only been playing the game for ~2 years and joined the forum much later but I’ve read (and continue to read) …alot…

And yes, there are some not so good people, outright mean and malicious people and there’s people that aren’t very articulate or unable to discuss graciously / without arguing, or being disrespectful, are naturally vulgar, etc. and people who are demanding (feel they’re entitled) and take out frustrations by being demeaning to others…and (in the past) I used to just ignore and move on to other posts or would “like” the person who took the time to remind them of the rules (I especially loved the old Memes that were generated, etc.:rofl:) …but it seems to be more prevalent and just last week, I decided to use those flags (for the first time) on 2 separate people (One for just outright unnecessary foul language and another for the way they were deliberately (and belligerently) belittling someone who was actually helping them: this one, tbh, really pissed me off!)

Don’t get me wrong, I’m no angel… I’m actually more of an archangel or a dark angel if you wanna know the truth :smiling_imp: :ninja:t2: , I naturally use cuss words but only among friends so I (just like all of you) understand socially acceptable and casual conversation (real or virtual) and tbh, is the real reason that I’m more of a forum reader and don’t post much (because I’m reluctant to say something that an uncivilized person will reply to, say something inappropriate to me and then (after they receive a flag or virtual throat punch) will reply with “…it wasn’t meant to be disrespectful” or “…this is how we talk/this is acceptable in my country” and yes I’ve seen those 2 excuses hundreds of times)…

Anyway, you all have the hardest jobs in the forum especially for those volunteering and those that are just trying to enjoy the game (which includes being part of the E&P community in this forum), because it’s a daily balancing act…
so once again THANK YOU :pray: and I’m happy to just contribute whenever, wherever I can!:slightly_smiling_face:



Dear Kerrang, thankyou for another positive and gracious contribution.

The only problem is that as soon as I’ve read it, I’m immediately distracted by theories as to the tortoises and the guitar.

Now, I’m aware of the magazine that is your namesake, but please explain your uniquely Les Paul-Reptilian calling card.


Hi @JonahTheBard :slightly_smiling_face:

No big reveal…, I recently found out that the turtle is my spirit animal :turtle:
And amazingly, a very accurate representation of me :joy:


And the Les Paul is just symbolic of my affinity for electric guitars :rofl: