Buff Zaria

Seroiusly SG… A month ago you released Zaria.
Fire elemental hero with a special worse then most, at a standard speed… just a month later you release a Dark elemental hero that compared to Zaria makes her look like a 3* hero…

Zaria is stupid hard to get, and only comes around every 5th month, and you still make her worse then a whole bunch of already existing red 5* heroes… Just to mention some of them:
Guardian Kong-C
Cardinal Richieliu

And thats just to mention a few of the fire heroes. If we start putting other elements in. She looks even worse. Heroes at fast even does more in all different colours…

Boost her special to the following:
300% at 5 or less
400% at 8 or less
500% at 9 or more


Change her to fast speed.


Ad a priority defense down matching number of tiles or priority dispell or ailiment block or ailiment immunity.

Possibilities are endless. But at the moment there are probably 30-40 better heroes at both standard and fast that makes everything more and better than her. Praise the old lady for f sake.