Buff vs riposte

What is the difference between buff and riposte. If possible, use examples please, i e character examples

A buff benefits tour team just for being there riposte is a defense tactic to punish someone but only works if the opponent is hit. Several dot characters(proteus,lady locke), specials can go around riposte

If you are referring to the buff booster Tournament then any positive effect counts

So spirit link and riposte count as buffs for the purpose of getting the bonus.



Boldtusk is a buff. He increases the attack stat of your hero team so they hit harder.
Wilbur is a buff, he increases your defense and links heroes to share damage when hit.

Boril is a riposte. He (and heroes beside him) counterattacks when hit by the opposing heroes’ attack. Riposte is considered a specific type of buff.


Any special that increases your teams attack, defense etc, that is considered a general buff. Riposte is a specific one in which any direct damage received on anyone with the counter attack symbol the attacker gets damaged as well. Sumitomo is a bit of a special case because he has three parts to his attack. It does direct damage, and activates a riposte like effect along with damage, any hits received when the counter attack is up gives him mana.

So in a buff booster tournament, Sumitomo gets a double boost to his attack because of the two symbols. You have the mana gained with the hits and the general riposte icon.

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