Buff - Vela

Because they are sitting alone in everybody’s rosters, severely depressed, sobbing quietly because they feel unnecessary and redundant, without any purpose in life.

C’mon! Have some feelings! :smiley:

What are feelings? Never heard of them.

For folks who are asking “why buff?” or “why expect SG to buff?” it’s because they literally asked

I mean, if SG is OK with handing out free buffs to freaking Diaochan then it would be a consolation prize if some heroes who could actually use a buff got one too.

And while there are doubtlessly plenty of heroes who qualify, Vela seems like a really obvious choice, having been beaten with the nerfhammer several times and not so much because she was necessarily seen as OP herself even at the time, but largely because of Telluria.


I stopped spending money on this game when they chose to nerf tell and vela. I feel as strongly now as I did then that it is bait and switch to lure people to spend money only to change their stats because they work too well.

It’s all smoke and mirrors anyway. They literally create new heroes to defeat the last heroes released so people keep chasing their addiction.

By way of a bump - and in hope of yet more votes, as Vela still leads individual threads in “please buff” votes

Vela in principle

Vela in practice


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To buff Vela is really necessary. If you compare here with Tethys how this game is out of balance.

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I agree that Vela really needs some help - even if a buff doesn’t bring her the full boom of recent heroes, she should hold her own at least enough to have a better reason to play her than “what other 5* heroes?”

The really incriminating twist isn’t just how she compares to more recent heroes, but also how she compares to heroes two years older than her, for goodness’ sakes.

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We’re not just getting back OG Vela; we’re getting a bit of interest paid. She’ll keep the increased water DoT she got to compensate for the nerf hammer being dropped on other parts of her special. She’ll also keep attack down to all instead of just to reds, albeit a 34% drop vs. 54% against reds. But she’s back to 150% damage to all, with extra damage to red. (I hope that also applies to her DoT.) I always thought countering difficult reds was the best part of this hero. I am looking forward to seeing if Vela’s still got it!

Sincere thanks to all who commented and voted. We finally got #JusticeForVela!

Also, sincere thanks to @Petri and the SGG devs. I was very cynical about the request for the community to give feedback on who needs balance adjustments, but the community coalesced around Vela, and you guys listened. Seldom been so happy to say I was wrong.


For those who voted for this thread, and are content with the buff, I recommend (especially if you have used all your forum votes) removing your vote, and adding a vote for one of the other heroes who need a buff - e.g Salmon Loki, Boss Wolf, Red Hood, Exeera, etc.

SG did indeed listen to our votes, as this thread had the highest votes in the hero balance sub-cat, so there is hope that with more votes on the other weak heroes, they may be adjusted as well.


Agree. See my post on the topic here:

Let’s get behind somebody else now.


Anyone have a lb Vela?

There’s one here:

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Silly question: does anyone have the full original stats (picture or otherwise) of Vela at release? I tried looking but with all the rounds of proposed and actual nerfs, it’s hard for me to be sure where she actually began.

Congrats to everyone pushing for a buff/rebalance and thank you SG for listening!

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I got Vela from one of my coin summons a few Atlantis Rises ago. I thought her days are over because of the nerfs on her and Telluria, so I have benched her for the longest time…

Until the buffs to her now. I am deciding which one among C. Snow White, C. Rumpelstiltskin, Iris, and her would be my next 5* blue hero project after I finish my Zircon, and the buffs seem to make her viable again in the current meta. She will definitely synergise with my Morel and C. Master Lepus.


and elemental link ice heroes get 10% critical for 6 turns


Nice, thank you for sharing! :slight_smile:

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I’m happy she is returning to her old glory… but… my ice team has advanced to the point to where she isn’t really necessary… so that puts her on a 2nd team… where she is still just fine… but I’m happy for the opportunity to test her and see.

So I’d like to admit that I’m happy that I was wrong…

DoT wasn’t increased - it was decreased. It’s still 52 per turn and in fact reduced to 3 turns.

Eh, bad memory on my part, then. I stand corrected.