Buff - Vela

Just put her back to what she was originally. That hero was useful. The current hero is not.


100% agree …
This has been raised many times before
Reinstate her to how she was skilled prior to the Telluria and Vela nerf.


But how do they make money off of it? I think the only reason they haven’t given her a costume… And telluria… Is because it would be a giant FU to everyone who originally pulled vel/tell.


Guys, stop looking into the past and live in present and look forward to future

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If we are to take Petri’s post seriously about “hero balance” then ……
We are going to have to look at past heroes in or out of rosters that have become “redundant” to see if they warrant a buff to make them relevant in today’s game.
But just my take on things. Otherwise why would Petri ask?


For those (like me, even though I have her) who had forgotten what OG Vela’s special was, here’s a refresher:

  • Deals 150% damage to all enemies.
  • All enemies receive 208 Water damage over 4 turns.
  • All Fire enemies get -54% attack for 4 turns.
  • Deals extra damage against Fire.
  • Element Link gives all Ice allies +10% critical chance for 6 turns. This effect can’t be dispelled.

According to posts at the time, “extra damage against Fire” was defined as 40% more damage. So I’m guessing 150% damage to non-red enemies and 190% to red enemies. IIRC, the water DoT was also increased against reds, but I may be wrong about that.

Ask yourself if this looks OP in today’s meta. Heck, it wasn’t even OP in the 2020 meta until Telly came along and a lot of people felt they had to mono red to beat her. But we know Telly is now a shell of her former self. Who is the green tank that all but requires a mono red team today? There isn’t one, AFAIK. In fact, Vela got nerfed back before multiple raid formations was a thing. Most people don’t even use the standard V formation anymore, so they don’t even have a single “tank” to begin with!

I remember having great fun with OG Vela, even if there was only one red hero on the defense I was attacking. If that red was annoying enough, I brought her, because they couldn’t hide from her in any position. I still use her today, but mostly because of her element link and fast speed (and because I’m FTP and don’t have tons of other options). I wonder if OG Vela would even be as much fun still as she was back in the day, given the power creep since her release. I’m with OP (@Lippy); bring back OG Vela.


I liked vela against red titans… I could survive against 14*… And with my roster back then… That was very important.


I have changed the title so that we can see this is a buff request.

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Bring back tham when we first time summon telluria and vela , pls :slight_smile:


@Petri / @Dudeious.Maximus / @PePeG

The Vela part is already added here:

Maybe this should be changed to Telluria only ?


Per Google Translate:

I have telluria and vela but I use some four stars that currently shine brighter than them. my vote is yes so that you go to the previous version.

I agree, I sign below because the new heroes already have enough power far beyond the previous ones. back vela and telluria

Also, apparently “Vela” translates to both “candle” and “sailing” in Portuguese. I’ve changed them in the translation above. :laughing:

Vell must buff, now she is no character to game , now she is ■■■■

Please use English forum rules …

I have telluria and candle but I use some four stars that currently shine brighter than them. my vote is yes so that you go to the previous version.

The Nerf on Vela was always too great, her water damage over time could be at least increased.

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I’m fairly certain that when Vela was originally released, she was hit three. They changed her to hit all and took away extra damage and attack down for red. The problem wasn’t that Vela was too powerful, it was the synergy between a Tell tank and a Vela flank. IMO, she wasn’t nerfed, but rebalanced. I found her much more useful on offense afterwards. Due to all the power creep, she has aged and it isn’t as useful as she was, so I wouldn’t mind seeing a buff, but I don’t want to see her in her original form.

Edit: Just did a little searching that I should have done before posting, and I was wrong because she was always hit all and the main change was that her attack down was to all instead of just red. Regardless, I still found her more useful afterwards.

Whether partly-reinstated or straight buffed, Vela could really use something

For goodness’ sakes, compare Zeline, who is a 2018 HotM

  • 143% damage to all
  • -34% attack for 4 turns to all
  • +damage to Ice
  • dispel enemy buffs to all

to Vela (2020)

  • 130% damage to all
  • 177 DoT over 3 turns to all
  • -24% attack for 3 turns to all

Vela should at least be competitive with a fellow HotM who is two years older. Some of her former “anti-fire” mojo may now be a Kalevala thing, but the minimal boring buff would be making Vela in line with being a blue Zeline. (Maybe give her cleanse instead of dispel.)


Agreed, she needs to be brought back to her original release.

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I do not have her, but I agree to buff her. Maybe we get more veraity in tanks .

They’ve gone so deep and far with power creep in the last year, that they could actually not only bring Vela to her original form, but even buff that original form and she would still not be overpowered.


My suggested buff is this:

:new: Dispel buffs from all enemies.
Deals 130% damage to all enemies.
:up: All enemies receive 258 Water damage over 4 turns.
All enemies get -34% attack for 4 turns.
Element link gives all Ice allies +10% critical chance for 6 turns. This effect can’t be dispelled.

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