Buff titan shields

Dear SG,
Titan shields became totally useless after the nerf.

100K+ damage might be a bit overpowered - OK, I get it.
But currently it’s ~30K damage max…
Together with high production price - titan shields are a dead concept, which is sad.
Do you really want it to become just another slot in the Lab that noone even researches?

Can you please discuss buffing the damage for titan shields.
Make it ~60K damage against 14* titans - it’s not gonna be OP, but at least it’ll be useful for some players.

Thanks in advance and best regards.

Absolutely agree,no one at the moment even remember that they exist ever.Will be good idea if they goona be improved.I think specialy middle players will be very thankful and 14 stars titans will go easier for players who don’t have Miki at the moment.


The titan shields makes dimage smaller, not a bigger. İts works against a player.

Agreed. I would say make shields like they were before. It was interesting.
Though I know, you developers are trying to make the game as bore as possible…

it took me a while to realise you ment titanium shields (the battle item)

i agree and hated the nerf, it wasn’t needed as the materials needed to craft them aren’t farmable and you always need 5 shields per hit so they will go out very quickly.


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