Buff Thoth Amun

Please increase the damge from 215% to 250%. The damage what Thot Amun makes is too low. Quintus makes 260 to all enemies and Thoth makes 215% to three enemies. Wenn i raid with zyprian i win my raids as attacker. When i raid with Thoth i loose all my raids.


Whats the levels of thoth and cyprian? Maybe that the case.

But Thoth is fast mana, that’s why he deals minor damage that Quintus.

Sorry to say this, but he is a human shield like Thorne or Justice. Thats his forte.
He buy time and keep the team alive, he’s not meant to be a killer like Lianna or Marjana.


Thoth is fast. Quintus is slow.
Thoth spawns his mest-shields for survival, Quintus has AoE.
Their stats are similar, but they serve different purposes.

There’s no need to buff Thoth.
(If anything, buff Quintus haha!)


Thank you all for your quick views.

My Zyprian is stage 3 Level 55 Strength 550
My Thoth is stage 3 Level 14 Strength 614

I am sorry for my bad english! :slight_smile:

I agree quintus isn’t much stronger than little john who is 4* and has secondary effect

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According to my Raw damage chart (doesn’t account for defense of the enemy) on max level the mentioned heroes:

slow Quintus deals 1942 damage per target (1-5 target in normal circumstances)
fast Thoth deals 1571 damage per target (1-3 targets in normal circumstances)
avg Thorne deals 2692 damage to 1 target and 1346 to 2 nearby targets
fast Lianna deals 3732 damage to 1 target
slow Little John deals 1370 damage per target (1-5 targets in normal circumstances)

793 Thorne
718 Lianna
694 Thoth
636 Quintus

1421 Thorne
1380 Quintus
1361 Thoth
1248 Lianna

Exactly, given that ln has a secondary debuff, that extra damage isn’t that impressive especially as quint is 5 * while lj is 4*
Please note I don’t want lj nerfed
Disclaimer I own lj, but not quintus

FIt’s so tough to compare heroes! Your chart @Ellilea is helpful in comparing specials, but most damage is done with tiles, so the attack stat of the hero matters a lot.

It’s also important to look at the damage per round, to sort out the effect of mana speed. Simply dividing the attack number in your post by the mana tiles (8, 10, 12), and then recognizing the range of targets, sheds some additional perspective:

  1. Quintus-slow 1942=162/tile per target, so total damage of 162-810/tile
  2. Thoth-fast 1571=196/tile per target (196-588 aggregate) PLUS 0-328 from minions to one target per round
  3. Thorne-269/tile primary + 135/tile splash (296-592 aggregate)
  4. Lianna-fast 3732=466/tile
  5. Little John-slow 1370=114 (114-571 aggregate) + mana slow effect

Bottom line is that Thoth with three minions and three adjacent targets deals out a lot of damage. Quintus can deal a lot of collective damage.

Yeah but LJ at 70 is one of the best defensive 4*'s in the game; way better than the much loved by the community Li for example in my opinion… just shields being one of the least comment ascension items in the game for legions of people (put them in the shop Trainer Tools when?) nobody invests in him when the other green 4*'s are really good at a bunch of stuff.

Straight damage at tank is usually a bad choice anyway: get something that screws with the opponent, and unless it’s a basic autowin if not countered (Colen as an example as pure damage with the current slash mechanics) which Quintus simply ain’t.

Course if he was he’d be broken in the other direction too, basically straight AOE instant in time damage is walking a fine line for balancing in this game in my estimation, one shot pentakill isn’t good game design; however, nor is Quintus slap fighter.

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