BUFF THIS HERO - Revised: Season 1 Heroes

I would love for season 1 five star heros to be buffed up. That is my entire hero pack with the exception of a few hotms. I don’t have the luck for pulls. But a buffed Joon, Or Richard, Sartana just all season 1 need help. There are so many of us old time players with season 1 rosters. But we love this game.



you know what the S1 heroes need? stat increases? pshaw, that’s just a band-aid. what they need is…



2022 ???


I hope the family bonus + buff for S1 heroes can restore their glory.


Thanks thanks. One can only hope!

I don’t even have S1 5* heroes, but I care about the whole community so I really want to see the older heroes get a true buff…not fluff!

Me too!

OH SWEET MOTHER OF BRAHMA!!! You were warned!! @NicoX we need a “@Sam-I-Am is broken and needs to be nerfed” topic ASAP!


They should buff S1 5 star heroes, it only makes sense. I’ve been waiting a long time and would love to use S1 heroes again.

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What? Which one? This one disappearing in the windmill or escaping the base through bridges? :angry:

On topic:
Yes, I also agree with all the people above that Season 1 heros need buffs. And no, 2nd/3rd/57th costume is not a buff for me. Especially that I will have to pull all of them again.

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Tbh, not just the legendary heroes of Classic heroes need a buffing. I wouldn’t be shocked if the Epics and the Rares also need to be buffed compared to the newest releases, assuming they remember to make more than 1 to 3 Rare and Epic heroes to the 15 to 25 Legendaries.



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Really we need a system to add older heroes to training camps if buffing season 1 without MORE costumes is “not an option”.

The reality… You are lucky to get more than 3 of the new 5* costumes, you will be missing 4* costumes you want (I’m still missing Sabina and gormek).

The solution is to buff the base season 1 and tone down the costume bonus #2 stat increases… That way the new costumes are more about the unique specials and the major piece of the costume is the added Mana speed and the other stat increases are the same.

OR costume #1 is considered the new base and is what you obtain with every pull in summons, training camps, and basic HA10 rerolls.



When the paywall initially began extending…
Training Camps we’re right there!
The game was exciting for those who don’t care to "keep up with the Jones’s"

Years later and TC’s are still back at the starting line…

while the paywall has left the planet…!

Now your F2P population has dwindled but is still supplemented by those who have years of grinding behind them!

The Costume Policy caters to spenders.
Now watch your supply of fresh blood dry up.

You want to lock balance up behind a paywall
But… you better move TC’s up from the starting line with some older content. Forget the HA. That’s not a form of encouragement for new players who don’t even have one…


yup! as you have both said very well @Draerius and @Pompitous , power creep marches on but the chances of getting one of these new heroes remains the same,

the least SG should do is narrow the gap between the easy-to-get heroes and the rest!

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To be fair the chances of getting a new hero has slightly increased since I started… There was a monthly challenge event, but no chest monsters. There was no Atlantis rises… more events have added and some events altered to give more freebies and over time you get more because of that, but it is very marginal compared to the increase the spenders receive.

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Love this idea, I also love the Evolution, Mistakes where made, post, very very funny :+1::+1::+1::+1:

Now that SG have mentioned that they intend to buff S1 hero’s (some or all is not known) this idea would be very appreciated and logical.

Cheers GG.

Hi, these two used to be killers but are now tough to use as they are super easy to kill. Maybe a little defense.

Like all season 1 heroes, they need a pure buff. Specially on stats. They are comparable to some newer Epic heroes now.

I agree on this.

Joon has been planned to recieve a second costume. So, his new “Buff” is in the beta state


Double costumes as buff is ridiculous, evil and selling buffs behind paywall is widely low quality QoL management. Just an add.

Makes me sick.