BUFF THIS HERO - Revised: Season 1 Heroes

Welcome to “Buff this Hero - Revised”!! The first revised entry for the new Hero Balance Section of the forum. This first one will be quick and deals with all Season 1 heroes, costumed or not.

First to be clear, this post is in regard to Season 1 heroes only and does not factor in HotM that were released prior to Season 2. I feel the HotM should have a separate topic addressing them, and I am making one for them.


The Problem:

We all know what the problem is, the Season 1 heroes have been left behind statistically and the costumes did not fix the problem, they simply added “new” heroes you needed to pull.

Costumes are not a solution to any hero and Season 1 heroes have been languishing for far too long, despite only needing in my opinion a very simple balancing, so simple SGG does not need to waste much time which as we know equals money.

So bad are the vanilla S1 heroes that I prefer using Junaid, a 4* hero from S5 over literally all S1 5* heroes! Junaid isn’t alone in having more value over S1 in my eyes, there are quite a few newer 4* heroes who I feel are of greater value than these legendary S1’s.


My solution is super simple and might come across lazy, but I am factoring in how much time and effort SGG/Zynga wants to spend on older heroes, when clearly those older heroes are not their bread and butter.

For the 5* Legendary heroes, increase all of their stats by:

Attack +125

Defense +125

Health +250

Some people might be like “woah, pump the brakes!” because that is a substantial increase to stats, but bear in mind it addresses two things; the fact that the S1’s have sat for so long without real legitimate balancing, and that their specials are generally not amazing compared to newer heroes.

As an example, with this proposal Vanilla Richard at 4-80 and Guan Yu at 4-80 would look like this:

Richard / Guan Yu

Attack 769 / 815

Defense 942 / 764

Health 1.510 / 1.435

Total Stat Points 3.221 / 3.014

So now Richard looks impressive statistically but here are their specials:

Richard – Cloud Hammer

  • Deals 415% damage to the target and minor damage to nearby enemies

  • The target and nearby enemies get -34% attack for 6 turns

Guan Yu - Green Dragon Crescent Blade

  • Deals 390% damage to the target and nearby enemies

  • Damage bypasses target’s Minions.

  • The target and nearby enemies get -25% defense and a further -3 defense for each Minion owned by the enemies for 3 turns, up to -70% defense. This effect can’t be cleansed.

Clearly the more ideal special is still Guan Yu’s, greater damage to 3, bypasses any minions, and delivers an undispellable defense down that starts at -25% and increases based on minions in play.

Richard would have better stats and Guan Yu would have the better special plus a Family bonus. There would be a point to both heroes, and I would still want to pull for Guan Yu (seriously…I really want Guan Yu!).


What are your thoughts on what you feel needs to be done with them? If anyone says “MOAR COSTUMES!!” I am going to have @NicoX make a new nerf thread, one specifically for whoever said that!! Because of Nico’s actions ducks have been pushed to near-extinction……you have been warned… :upside_down_face:

They already decided to buff them with family bonus and second set costumes

Not good enough!

Also did you even read my post? Quick response is suspicious :thinking:


Your post is wishful thinking and irrational judgement all the way

I get where you are coming from …. Seriously ….

Classic S1 heroes have been left behind. SG tried to make some ground with the first costume and that worked for some. Then they have proposed a family bonus and a second costume.

But seriously with the proposed new upgrades recently tested in Beta it still left the classic hero “wanting”. Admittedly there were a couple of exceptions such as 2nd Costume Quintus…

So we make some proposed new ground with the potential buff coming soon only to lose ground to others heroes what got a “balance” today … crazy

So yes like your idea of beefing up the stats. That would work for some.

But for others perhaps simply make the “slow” speed into average and the “average” speed into fast

Just my two pennies worth


Of course it is wishful thinking…this whole category is wishful thinking…

Would they really start listening now? No. That said I am going to post my wishes anyway.


Yes but not s1 heroes. That is basic set of heroes. Who would want to buy expansion of the game if they released basic game with new content for free?

You want your buff prayers answered…then ask for over powered heroes to get buffed… Because that happens more often than older heroes.

True, I need to make a buff Zhuge Liang thread :stuck_out_tongue:

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I know this goes against your pyramid scheme but it would be awesome if you gave a boost to classic hero’s to make them relevant again. No costumes just the regular old heros. I think old players that have worked so hard on them already and now they take a backseat to new ones, would really appreciate that!

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Yes agree …
But there is already a recent thread about this …
Perhaps simply buff their stats as suggested …
or for some S1 classic heroes increase their speed from slow to average and from average to fast


The heroes for the first season should be improved.
Becaus with all new apparience of new heroes, most of them are usless, and forgoten, and i think they deserve respect, because the was the firstone. No more new costums for them only increase their stats, and special skills.

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:joy: I have a collaborative effort with @Sorvina about nerfing villagers in mind.

Obviously I’ll vote for everything that sings my praises in any way. Well done taking advantage of my vanity. Thankfully, I also actually support your idea.

I’m afraid the devs have painted themselves into a corner though. With their absurd double costume bonus concept, these stats would make the costumed versions absolute monsters.

P.s. Not sure how you managed to do that, but your thread attracted the 2 most negative members of the forum, and I don’t mean @JGE. :joy:


Buff all the classic heroes. 3 stars 4 stars and 5 stars


They are doing round 2 of costumes… You want a buff… You are going to pay for it.

@Petri these are type of topics why I am asking this from you:

Someone opened Pandora’s box… And that was dumb

Pretty sure you do mean @JGE ! I always roll my eyes and say "here we go again "when I see JGE in a topic… :laughing:

j/k JGE! :heart:


Keep this topic about season 1 base stats .


well-written analysis supported by stats and facts. good job!

Buffing the S1s as you proposed, still will not make them overpowered… and probably not even quite equal to newer heroes. But, it will narrow the gap!