Buff this guy... Please

I’ve been using my little Cabin Boy Peters here at max, as shown. He has a bit of a glass jaw, dies quickly and his secondary is useless against everything but bosses or other players heroes. They still collect Mana as they fight silenced so as you can imagine perfect timing with him is absolutely necessary.

I really don’t have much case for WHY this should be done (Beyond the limitations mentioned already) but just a “pretty please” make him work more like a time stop and stop all attacks for just the one he hits for 3 turns :slight_smile: He’s just kind of blah as is.

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He’s pretty much the same as Caedmon at max ascension, statwise.

So making him stronger seems, well, wrong to me haha! :slight_smile:

Caed is way more useful though :slight_smile:

Granted the dispell is very usefull.
But burning down Lianna/Sartaana/Joon/Marjana and silencing them just when they get their special charged. Seems kind of good too.

But yeah, he’s more situational haha :slight_smile:

Silence would have great uses in raids. Silence a slow or average speed hero with a strong special that is close to max mana and kill them before they recover and are able to cast. You can even safely attack them if they are already full of mana, as they can’t gain more than a cast uses. Same works on titans, delay its special. sure it is useless against monsters without mana, but those are quite easy to handle anyway.


This is precisely why you don’t buff him. Not all heroes are made for all situations. Some heroes are laughable in raids and clutch heroes for titans (ie, when are you debuff a titan?) Niche heroes are good for the game. I got CB Peters in the beta, but not actually in game. Shame, but meh.

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Well not make him stronger by any means but modifying him a bit to be a bit better in storyline, raid and hitting the titan but then again he is only a cabin boy and you can’t really expect a little boy from the cabin to do everything right?


How do you want to modify him, without making him stronger, to make him better suited for exactly everything the game has to offer (maps, raids and titans)? :slight_smile:

Do you want to make him better at ONE thing or at EVERYTHING? I’m fine with the first (though I’m not sure he needs it, for reasons already stated above).


Well instead of buffing the stats through the roof like everyone wants their favorite hero… Buff giving him a slight increase on his talent and then give him some milk… He should be good to go

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