Ok since I am not drinking this evening I had to occupy my time, so here is a big list of simple changes to make Slow heroes more viable/worthwhile. Of course I would be deluded to think any of this would come true given…

“Will you consider to buff long forgotten Heroes such as boss wolf, g.owl, etc without needed to “buy” their Costume?”

  • Tim: Buffing individual old Heroes is not impossible (and to be honest we’d love to revisit them a bit more often), but it’s also very low on the priority list.

…but WTH right, might as well imagine a world in which Slow heroes are respected :stuck_out_tongue:

• Increase resurrection amount to 38%
• Change healing to boosted healing
• Increase resurrection amount to 48%

• Increase damage from 205 to 250%
• Increase DoT damage from 360 to 720
• Increase base damage from 205% to 300%
• Increase conditional damage from 410% to 600%

• Increase damage from 290% to 350%

• Effect 1 should be removed entirely (+24% mana generation) and instead be replaced with a “Increases the Mana of all Allies by +35%” effect

• Damage should be increased to 325%
• Minion Health and Attack should be changed to 25% Health & 15% Attack

• Base damage should be 220%
• Conditional damage maximum should be increased to 420%

• Special should be changed from 570% to target and instead be 570% to target and minor damage to nearby enemies
• Chance to bypass increased to 80% from 60%

• 2nd effect dealing with mana generation and subsequent ailment should be dropped entirely
• Replace it with “All enemies receive -20 mana generation. This effect lasts for 3 turns.”
• Change duration of 3rd effect dealing with buffs to 3 turns

• Damage should be increased to 250%
• Counterattack should be applied to all allies, counterattack damage reduced from 125% to 115%, and duration dropped to 3 turns.
• Damage to all should be changed to target and nearby, damage increased from 172% to 300%
• Counterattack effect stays the same

• Damage increased to 480%
• Instead of regenerating health over X turns, caster should receive 500 boosted health

• Health boost increased from 500 to 600
• Chance of resurrection decreased from 20% to 10%, but revived heroes health increased from 30% to 75%
• Attack boost increased from 30% to 50% and duration reduced to 3 turns

• Damage increased to 330%
• Attack ailment reduced from 6 turns to 3 turns, but ailment is now uncleansable
• Damage increased to 300%
• Ailment changed from -54% attack to -54% defense down

• Mana reduction changed (from 40 and 20) to 60% to Ice and 40% to non-Ice enemies

• Damage increased to 330%
• Damage increased to 400%
• Defense down ailment removed, replaced with Frost DoT of 350 over 4 turns

• Blind changed from -40% accuracy to -60% accuracy
• Damage increase for each fallen ally increased from 50% to 100%
• Mana generation buff removed

• Add Poison DoT of 300 for 3 turns

• Remove Defense boost and replace with “The caster and nearby allies reduce all received damage by -50% for 5 turns.”
• Change direct damage from 514% to 720% on target

• Change healing from percentage to Boosted Health of 600 for all allies
• Change defense down for all enemies to “All Holy enemies get -68% defense for 4 turns.”

• Increase minion health to 30%

• All allies except the caster also receive a +64% to attack in addition to the defense boost
• Caster does not recover health while in Ghost Form

• Zombie allies should have 800 Attack and 800 Defense

• Target and nearby enemies changed to “All enemies get silenced for 3 turns.”

• Passive changed from “Summons a Sparrow Minion for self” to “Summons a Sparrow Minion for self and nearby allies”
• Minion health and attack increased to 30% respectively

• Damaged increased to 450%
• Damage increased to 350%
• -34% to attack changed to -34% to defense

• Add additional effect of +10% mana generation for all allies for 4 turns

• Base damage should be 220%
• Conditional damage maximum should be increased to 420%

• Damage increased from 150% to 200%

• Add an effect to the Fiend, causing a -24% Defense to target until Fiend is removed

• Change first effect from “Dispels and cleanses all buffs and status ailments from all allies and enemies.” to
“Removes all buffs from enemies and randomly distribute them to allies, remove all status ailments from allies and randomly distribute them to enemies.”

• Remove Nature Special Skill reflection and replace with “All allies reflect status ailments for 4 turns”

• Increase damage to 290%

• Cleanse Ailments and Dispell Buffs moved to the first effect so as to occur first before heal
• Change Defense Boost for VANILLA VIVICA to “-50% damage reduction for all allies for 4 turns”

• Increase direct damage to 260%
• Make Sand DoT 2 turns and uncleansable
• Move status ailment cleanse to first effect to occur before other effects
• Increase direct damage to 270%

• Increase Minion health to 30%

Any hero here you don’t have?

You’re aware that Lu Bu got a buff that raises his damage to 330%? Also his fiends have higher HP (can absorb almost entire Viv’s heal) and do more damage. And his family bonus got buff as well.

Klaern should get boost too. He’s on par with Azlar, which is really bad when you consider recent heroes.

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Thanks for reminding me, forgot about his recent buff. Removed him.

I have a whole whopping 3! Zhuge Liang, Costumed Alberich, and Cao Cao (who I just pulled). I also have Congalach but like MN, Ludwig, and other Slow heroes I don’t feel he needs balancing, he is perfectly fine as is.

My wanting buffs for most heroes has nothing to do with ownership of them. A healthy and diverse hero community is better for everyone, regardless of spend limit and I feel that many Slow heroes need to be balanced to be actually potent if not somewhat scary should they fire.


Thanks for your good intentions asking for “Buff” for free.
but believe me. Your good intentions will be disturbed by nerf requesters.
after buffs. they will ask for nerf again. because this hero is too strong. Bla bla bla…
sometimes it’s ridiculous. Lol

You forgot Klaern!

Increase damage to 260%
Increase Water damage to 500 over 5 turns

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thank you for using your “not drinking” time to make this excellent analysis and thread :wink:

Cao Cao, Heimdal should be buff very soon as this will be “balance” for their revenue :)), dont worry :rofl:.

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Ok we have gone off-track here… @Dudeious.Maximus can you remove the whole discussion on “Vanilla” and make it its own thread? Sorry and thanks Mighty Dragon!


Reasonable changes suggested and agree with many of them.

Very disappointing to see SGG’s diplomatic reply of “not impossible, but very low on the priority list” - does just seem like a polite way of saying “never gonna happen”.

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Lady of the Lake, costume version, make minions same as original. Reduce mana, not reduce mana speed


Agreed esp And perhaps shockingly Heimdall…I have him full LB and talent but hardly used him now even during war once I have C MN. The resurrection % needs to be boosted. Azlar, etc also agree

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I was actually disappointed when I pulled Klaern twice…I almost always keep one of everything 4 and 5*, and I almost fed both of him to the Soul exchange. It’s sad when your entire (almost full) alliance would rather not pull a HOTM at all, but I have been disappointed in a few this year. It looks even worse up next to heroes like Zagrog and Arfanius.

The choice between boosted health and mana theft is a difficult one…and it would be wonderful to not have to make it, especially since the cost to level her and costume is enormous. I put over 2 months of effort into Lady of the Lake, and she is a fantastic tank, but that change would be so helpful.

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