Buff Telluria/Vela/Frigg/Odin back after the release of S4 heroes

I feel like I am robbed after I see the new map heroes. I would not guess that SG goes that far to get money. As a justified move, support the title and vote. THANKS!

Honestly, the only S4 hero I see so far that rivals Odin/Frigg is Dr. Moreau. I think the other S4 heroes still don’t stand a chance against Frigg.

Telluria & Vela have been nerfed, yes, but they’re still good. Maybe not top tier, but still good– More effective than 80% of the other 5* in the game. I’d recommend buffing older & weaker heroes first.

Also, making heroes like Frigg & Odin obsolete at some point is the game’s intention. They want the big spenders to always spend more to have the latest & greatest.

I don’t think they need rapid power creep to make that happen and I’d like rightful rulers to keep their places for a significant time, but no hero will be an undisputed master forever.

P.S. I’d still like to see Frigg & Odin get their damage nerfed slightly. And I’m a guy who has Odin


Agreed, the game needs balancing but nerfing or buffing the most popular heroes in the game amongst the whales isn’t addressing the real root problems.


Frigg should has a buff? Are you crazy?

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Why not buff Khagan/Horghall/Justice? Ok they got costumes but these are hard to get and tbh, even with costumes slow S1 5* are almost nothing compared to S4.

At the same time you want buffs for 2 powerfull heroes - Frigg and Odin, who will be able to face S4 without them


Because the creator of the topic obviously has Frigg and Odin and wants to see them rise in power again.

On topic - I don’t think SG care about balance or anything. They care about profits. So I actually predict further nerfing of S3 heroes in order for them to encourage people to cash-pull from the S4 portal more. It’s a common marketing strategy with this type of games.

Will try to break it down here. It’s really nothing more but following the thought process of those who develop the game (and other similar developers of similar games):

Q: Ok, we want more money, how can we get those?
A: Let’s make another add to the game, more maps, more heroes, more stuff to buy!
Q: But which players will give us most cash?
A: Whales, who are always willing to dump thousands of cash in a game like this for whatever strange reasons.
Q: Ok, but those whales already have all maxed 5-star premium heroes - they already have all shiny toys. They won’t buy the new ones. How to make them do it?
A: Just damage their shiny toys more. And show them the new undamaged yet toys we have prepared for them in store!

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Odin and frigg will get a nerf just like vela and telluria. Just a matter of time as they will need big spenders to buy new hero’s to go crazy on.

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