Buff Telluria, please!

Once she was a good tank, but now she is just collecting dust, even Melendor-c is better. And now we have Aino, which does almost same as old Telluria.

Please, Buff telluria!

  1. Give her normal heal (137 per turn for 2 turns is very small, give her, for example, 25% heal or 150 overheal per turn for 3 turns)
  2. Buff her minions (Is easily killable by skadi, give him 15% HP at least)

Then she will be at least usable average healer (like Aino, but with her flavour, and surely weaker than Aino)

Both her heal and her minions were nerfed so she essentially does nothing… I’d like to at least use her as a healer so restoring the health regen and minions is just a basic thing to do that won’t wreck the game. The mana slow was her “problem” at the time and now Aino does that with a much better heal… I’d like her to be useful somewhere rather than no where (unless if you have Pengi and no other minion summon options to feed him, but this is a very unique situation).


This seems familiar …

Hey, let’s just dilute our votes :rofl:


Vela and Telly were both nerfed hard and as a result Telly is almost unusable. Her healing is too low for her to be an effective healer, and her minions strengths and HP were also reduced twice. Back when Telly was nerfed she was a powerhouse, but that was because Season 1 and Season 2 heroes didn’t have costumes. Now that Season 3-5 heroes are significantly stronger, Telly needs a boost to stay competitive.

Vela got her boost, it is time for Telly to get hers.


Well out of those 2 topics Vela has been addressed and I don’t think combined hero buff requests work since they seem to address heroes individually.


Plus a bunch that were merged and unlisted …

I’m just saying one thread with hundreds of posts will get more attention than ten with 5-10 votes each.


Yeah we just need 1 buff Telluria thread and maybe lock these multi hero threads and direct to single heroes.


Very sad what they did to Telluria.

The second nerf ended the hero, it’s stopped, unused. And after Nerf they released another 50 heroes much stronger and more appealing than her.
Return to Telluria to normal


Awesome a 5 star hero has effects that only last 2 turns.
I think it’s the only hero that has effects that last as little as 2 turns

She doesn’t knock, doesn’t like and doesn’t delay anyone else. Minions are too weak for a Medium hero.

There are much better and more complete 4-star options.


I wish attack would go to 230, healing can stay where it is now. Mana should go up to 30, so that Telly could survive in the new meta. Thanks

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emphasized textI agree with you when we have so many strong heroes Than Telluria Then should be back as she was from the beginning. Not fair if other heroes are being buffed and not TelluriaPreformatted text


Then she will be striker, not healer. I think healers is more playable overall.


I’m in same boat as the above. Simply don’t use Telly anymore and almost consider exchanging in the Academy. Does not heal enough and the special attack is irrelevant. Would like to see the healing rate increase……would love attack special increase as well but hey any change is getter than none

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She’s been worthless since the nerf, put her back to where she was. Not even close to over powered by today’s hero stadards.


I think she could be boosted to:

  1. Deal 200% damage to the target and 150% damage to other opponents
  2. All allies except the caster recover 20% health (so she doesn’t)
  3. All allies regenerate 306 HP over 2 turns, regenerate health can exceed the maximum level. All enemies get -15% mana generation for 2 turns.
  4. Summons a Forest Familiar Minion for all allies with 15% HP and 15% attack inherited from the caster.
  5. Element Link gives all Nature allies +15% critical chance for 5 turns. This effect can’t be dispelled.

More damage, including the one for target, allies get instant health recover, can overheal. Minions are a little better and the critical chance for Nature is better but for 5 instead of 6 turns.
Mana generation ailment is lower to rounded it.


Totally agree! Teluria needs a little buff with minions and health! Now does nothing at all…


Please put Telluria back to the original stats. I will forever be disappointed with SG for rendering a must-have character useless.

To twist the knife, now they buffed Vela, which I felt was still a relatively playable character!


I second him returning to his pre-buff stats. Would bring him up to speed with new and costume hero’s



Vela got restored. I’m going to be optimistic that my maxed Telly may regain some relevance…


This is BS…

After the second insignificant nerf nothing changed.
Telly raids and Telly war galore for 7 straight months. It wasn’t until the third nerf in October before variety finally started to return.
Did that “end the hero, it’s stopped?”

Wrong again.

This is true.
And will be true for the next creep too.
The stronger the next creep is.
The faster your whole roster gets nerfed.

If one hero in particular is causing major ecosystem meltdowns, buff the other 800?
Or balance the one?

Should all heroes who get squeezed by creeps be balanced and updated, over time? If SG wants to retain players who work on their roster for years…
I vote yes! Buff Telly
After looking at C.Panther… buff them all!
Heroes that were nerfed… :white_check_mark:
Heroes that were buffed too!
And stuff costumes where the sun don’t shine

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