Buff Telluria and Vela (or give proper compensation)

I own Telly and I am sorry that he was nerfed twice. However, I fed up with him and facing him. I even fed up with the icon appearing on the screen as he fires. So, please don’t do anyhing which could increase his use.

I agree, spent money finally summoned 2 velad , not too happy, this happened back around Christmas, New Years Day

Velas,Velas Velas I hate it when I can’t spell

First mistake is thinking you buy characters in gacha games. Gambling is the product here. If someone spends thousands to guarantee themselves a 99% chance of a certain hero, it’s on them.

Second mistake is implying nerfs are never OK. Balancing is essential for a healthy game state.

That said, the way the Telly fiasco was handled was indeed incredibly disrespectful and hamfisted, and brought us the worst of both worlds: a several month long stale game state that likely caused massive player drops due to the sheer boredom, and (quite warranted) cries from the numerous Telly users that she’s been gutted and run into the ground.

The best point to nerf Telly was before she hit live, second best - within the first week of her overperforming, with proper compensation for the rapid bait and switch.

I don’t think a compensation would be warranted now, since everyone who used her had a whole half year of the full Telly experience, and since then the meta has already changed anyway.

WRONG. The only gamble is your odds of getting the character. That’s the gamble. What you’re saying would be like like going to Vegas and putting money in a slot machine that advertises a payout, winning, and then the casino deciding they want to pay that amount differently now because they felt it was too fast of a payout.

BTW, I’m not going to get into this any further. I said my peace. And for what it’s worth, I disputed the gem purchase with Apple and received full compensation. So I advise others to do the same.

Dispute the charge. You will win easily.

Sorry all, I let myself get dragged into it. It was indeed way off topic. I apologize.

Disputed charges like these, where there’s little legal basis, are most often on the tab of the payment service provider, e.g. Paypal or whatever other service. Zynga still has your money.

ToS says you don’t even own your account or any characters. If they decide to close down the servers and your account is deleted, you’re not entitled to compensation for anything you lost.

When you pay money in this game, you pay for gems. What you do with them later is outside any jurisdiction, as dumb as that sounds.

It’s a moot point in your case, I guess, and I’m glad you managed to get a refund.

I will stand by my point that compensation is not something to be considered by now, but I do hope SGG learned something from the entire debacle.


Where exactly did I say you wrote every other thread here? Which is what I was disputing.

You should just give up while you’re only somewhat behind.

That is not true for everybody. I for example didn’t have the materials right away and she got nerfed just before I had her maxed.

But this thread is not about compensation, it’s about undoing some of the nerfing to make her a worthwhile hero again. Now that the balance allows it. Are you against that too? After all, the game balance was the only reason to nerf her in the first place.

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It literally has “or give proper compensation” in the title.

Heavens no. I just have very little faith they’re going to revisit the issue.
I would very much propose they return more power to Telly’s special in exchange for making her base stats slightly less optimal, so that she could have more impact on the offense while being less of a brick wall on defense.

Vela should be brought up to Zeline levels of power - 40%ish increased direct damage to red would be a-okay, with the mild DoT replacing Zeline’s dispel.

You’re right if course. Mine which was merged into this one wasn’t, but this one is.

I’m afraid I do share your low expectations on the likeliness of a de-nerve. It’s a shame really, it would restore some of the trust in SG.

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