Buff Telluria and Vela (or give proper compensation)

I got compensated well with Frigg and Krampus. :rofl:

После выхода Фригг, Одина, Хеймделя, Чёртовых ниндзь и ещё кучи персонажей третьего сезона Телла и Вела совсем стали бесполезными. Стоит всё таки Вернуть Теллу и Велу в первоначальное состояние. Они 100% уже не будут лучшие как были недавно, но они хоть станут достойными для использования. Или тогда надо сделать большой ребаланс по героям третьего сезона и ниндзя. А то некоторые связки уж намного сильнее чем была связка МТВ.

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The thread title should be changed in “give Telluria and Vela a costume”. :laughing:


A more realistic solution would be the ability to reset a hero and get the ascension materials back. Give all players one reset item when doing big nerfs. The talent reset token was just a slap in the face. Then a ascension item could also be a rare drop.


Telluria should be bufffed :slight_smile: It is unfair that probably the incoming new heros at like 820-830 overall stats without an emblem will be way stronger than this debuffed Telluria. I am observing closely.

Hello community I would like to express my opinion about the telluric heroines I think she had to have more healing and also critical attacks like Amélia So I am expressing my opinion about the scissors She could have this would be good for her I thank you in advance for receiving my post here the community a good sunday everyone

Been playing with Vela even after her downgrade. A fast player that drops enemy attack is very usefull indeed yet… something seems to be missing in order to make her a complete and balanced 5* hero she supposingly is. And thst imho is some anti-fire ability!
If you think about it, the whole concept of Vela is to be the blue player that protects green allies from red enemies. Theoretically and by her video sequence and all that she represents, she gives that protection by watering the whole arena. Well, all this water is not enough to lessen the damage or the attack of red enemies even more (eg -50%) like fighting underater in Atlantis? All this huge amount of water cannot extinguish the fire damage made to allies from the OP GM or Azlar.c?
Not damage, but more fire protection is needed for her. Maybe she could have some of these anti-fire abilities and not even make water damage (wich is almost trivial). Just some thoughts to put watergirl back to the game again without unbalancing other things.

My hero? Yes, Telly. There was a problem with Telly, mostly in combination with Vela and either JF or Gravemaker. None of which I had btw. So Telly was not nerfed, she was slaughtered, in spite of the fact that it’s extremely unethical to mess with heroes that people have already aquired. But the game needed to be saved, I do get that.

At the present day however, the very first team in the top 100 with Telly as a tank is at number 56. So by now there’s plenty of room to give back what was stolen from us, or at least a good portion of it.

And now that I’m on the subject: do beta testing, LISTEN to your testers and STOP nerfing existing heroes!


Nah. No need for that. Just open up your pocket book for Telly’s Costume debuting in the S4 portal soon enough.


Hmm, where have I seen this topic before?

Oh yeah, every other thread on here!

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100 % agree. :+1:
Telluria is nowhere to be found in top 100 raid leaderboards. It’s all Bera , Freya , Frigg , Ninjas.
Bring her back to at least Telluria 2.0 version after the first nerf. There is no reason not to do that.


Yes. Revert Telly and Vela to their former selves.


This was hot on your mind 6 monthes after the fact?

Well, there must be a reason for that then, don’t you think?

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Actually yes. Not in that it consumed me the entire six months, but it has been popping up every now and then ever since. Telly was my very first not-standard 5* after about two years of playing the game. I had no other HOTM, event or S2 5* hero at the time.

And then they started messing with her, taking away from her power, they literally stole from me and everybody else who had her at the time. Messing with stuff that people have already aquired in a game is as unorthodox as it is unethical and if it’s not literally against the law at the moment, than that is solely because laws are lagging behind in the digital world. It is plain theft in the end.

Again, I realize that she broke the game and that they had no choice back then. Which was a huge blunder by SG, especially because they had been warned. But the heroes have changed since then, so it will not break the game any longer to give back what is RIGHTFULLY ours.


I’d say the reason is you didn’t bother to search.

I’m sorry to have to inform you that I did not write “every other thread on here”

I’m sorry to have to inform you I didn’t say that at all.

But at least now I can understand why you felt the irrational need to create yet another buff Telly thread.

I abandoned Telluria. She’s garbage now in any position. Took her emblems off and she sits on the bench and is not good on offense, defense, titans, or any difficult quests.

SG received so many comments during beta publicly on these forums and internally I assume too. Nerfing her the way they did after release is complete BS… especially when people are BUYING these characters. It would be one thing if the characters were free… but you advertised something and I spent real money to buy what you advertised and then you changed it after the fact.

It would be one thing if the change was a bug fix or something that wasn’t accounted for. But in this case they probably released the hero as-is to entice people to buy with the intention to nerf later. Just another company exploiting their players. And if that wasn’t the case, then the developers and people who listen to the community are incompetent.

Here comes all the attacks on me now from the lame forum admins and everyone else.


If costumes ever expand beyond S1 then… This will be the new reality guys!

There will likely be no more buffs, since those are free.

Will costumes expand past S1? Is @matthias1459 a prophet? Maybe he even wears sandals or flip flops? Does he have a beard? This is getting weird… but inquiring minds will soon find out…

And to compound the discombobulated topic: There is a long list of other heroes who could use such costumes that you have to pay for.
Over Telluria…

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