Buff Telluria and Vela (or give proper compensation)

Now that it has been officially announced, I think it’s the proper time to have our Buff telluria and Vela thread. Telluria and Vela has obviously been over nerfed. This is extremely unfair to players who own these heroes, especially if these are the only good heroes they have.

This isn’t about “investments” or whether this is “legal”. It’s about being fair and balanced to ALL players, not benefiting a certain subset of players at the expense of another subset of players.

It’s about doing what’s RIGHT rather than what’s “legal”, and doing what’s good for EVERYONE in the game.

Right now, Telluria/Vela owners clearly lost out, because their heroes have become virtually worthless. If SG/other players think that Telluria/Vela warrants a nerf, then that necessarily means telluria/Vela are the no.1 and 2 heroes in the game previously.

So the only fair way to go about this is to allow every telluria/vela owner the chance to exchange 1 of their Telluria/Velas for any other hero in the game.

Again, this is not about what’s legal. This is about what’s RIGHT, and whats FAIR to all players involved. If these players already had the best two heroes in the game, it’s only right that they are allowed to continue to hold the top two heroes in the game, after the nerf.

This is beneficial for all players and doesn’t harm anyone. It is also beneficial for SG, so that they don’t lose the loyal, paying players who are completely disappointed in the way SG choose to deal with this issue.

There is literally no downside to having this kind of compensation.

Again, we understand that there’s no "law’ that says SG “has” to do this. Again, this is about what SHOULD be done to make the game FAIR and FUN for everyone, and not have a subset of players sacrificed for the benefit of other players. That is completely unfair.

edit: Just to add on, if people are so confident that Telluria/Vela are still the best combo in the game, then they should have absolutely no qualms about others trading their heroes for inferior heroes.

edit2: For people who are against this proposal, I challenge you to give just a single valid reason for who this proposal harms, or why it is unfair. Name calling, red herrings like (You are not entitled to compensation, SG can do whatever they want doesn’t count.). Give specific, exact reasons for why this proposal shouldn’t be implemented.

I’m very tempted to upvote it for the sake of trading in my other 6 Tellurias. :joy:


I think you misunderstood. I meant you are allowed to only trade 1. So any dupes will have to remain as telluria/velas.


The only decent heroes I had. Does anyone think this is really fair? I stopped spending money on this game today, I will start playing 100% free. Much lack of respect for the players who have them.


Yeah. I’m not a HUGE HUGE spender, but I’ve spent ~200-300 dollars on this game this year. I bought all of the offers for atlantis, valhalla, challenge event, costumes etc since… february.

This past challenge event was the first where I didn’t spend money. This costume event was the second. And I will not spend another dime on this game unless we receive proper compensation.


They will come with some bottle of energy or at most some gems … I spent about $ 200 a month and I completely regret every penny spent so far. total lack of respect.


I get you’re upset but don’t exaggerate. Both are still great heroes.


They are still very good, just not OP, in v4 Telluria was without mana debuff, that was overnerf

Also Vela was without additional damage against fire and with lower attack debuff (in v3 I think) and that was overnerf


I am not exaggerating. Telluria is virtually useless in offense now and not amazing in defense in any position other than tank, and is probably significantly worse than Ursena now, even in tank.

There’s no reason why we should suddenly have our no.1 hero turned into a no.30 hero. It isn’t fair.

The vast majority of telluria owners didn’t pull for a mediocre tank specialist. Just as the vast majority of players don’t spend all their time chasing after Guin, and at least Guin was the best at what she did, telluria isn’t. She’s like no.4 or 5 tank now. So barely “good” at the only thing she’s good at.


I think you didn’t get it


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Thanks for the Nerf to Telluria, I am not going to invest a single euro more in this game, although to be fair you have done me a favor since by chance the other day I saw the monthly investment and the truth is disgusting. I repeat thanks, I am not going to invest one more euro, you have opened my eyes.


Please keep this thread civil and not do succumb to name calling or personal attacks. We welcome an open discussion and want all player to express their opinions so let’s do it in a respectful way.


(Assuming your idea could be approved) I add that also ascension materials / emblems used on Telluria / Vela should be refunded to the players that opted for switch.

I agree with your idea, even if I am unsure if I would actually choose to switch Telluria with another hero or not. Probably the choice should be limited to 5* previous HOTM or Atlantis, as long as Valhalla heroes (expecially some of them) are OP too (High risks of coming in the same situation later).



I agree with you that respect and kindness must be essential, but I ask you: Where did SG act with respect to players who had only these two good ex-heroes?


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All i can contribute here is :joy::joy::joy:. And i have telluria +16.

And fwiw, our alliance is in the 2000+ global rank range and we haven’t faced mono green tanks or with predominantly tanked telluria teams in wars.

Will not comment further until i face her on defense and use her on offense.


I will remember what KiraSG said.
bobiscool purposed an idea since he pointed that are players (expecially those ones with smaller roster, for example not-so-old f2p) that could be harmed if those heroes will become useless in attack and he purposed a fair compensation if those heroes will be overnerfed that should:

  1. not break game
  2. not expose system on abuse (limit to 1 hero)
  3. try to do compensation on player investment

The discussion is not only focusing on himself. As I said the idea he purposed could be balanced (for example excluding Valhalla heroes from list) or could be listed as non acceptable (saying reason why).

I have to point that bobiscool was neither rude nor writing trush. So… please try to be respectful all, expressing your dissenting explaining your reason, not attacking people.


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