Buff Skittleskull "Candy Witch" (Primary Costume)

The Goblin Bog Witch of the Classic Family that gets her first costume as the Grimforest Candy Witch from the “Hansel & Gretel” tale; she now has the released Special Skill:

  • Deals 175% damage to all enemies
  • All enemies get -39% attack for 6 turns.

With adjusted stats from base (increased attack with slightly lowered defense and health), she seems to be no different from the default. Additionally, I don’t think it’s “on theme” in my opinion.

Proposal 1

One change idea to buff the costume for battle would be to change the ailment to affect mana generation on all enemies. OR to have it be added next to the attack ailment.

  • All enemies get -40% / -46% mana generation for 6 turns.
Proposal 2

Give all allies a mana generation buff, either in place of OR following the attack ailment on all enemies.

  • All allies get +36% / +32% mana generation for 6 turns.
Proposal 3

Adjust the damage and attack ailment. Add a tile enhancement ability or have the damage and attack ailment be adjusted/increased based on tiles on the board. (Make cSkittleskull a mini-Goopy!)

  • Deals 180% damage to all enemies.
  • All enemies get -42% attack for 6 turns.
  • Alter the mana generation of all :herb: Nature shields on the board. When attacking, matched tiles give +28% more mana; when defending, matched tiles give -30% less mana.


  • Deals 100% damage to all enemies. Deal an additional 14% damage per :herb: Nature shield on the board, up to 240% in total.
  • All enemies get -33% attack for 6 turns. All enemies receive an additional -6% per :herb: Nature shield on the board, up to -63% attack in total.

Costume bonus and emblems would understandably also make the stats bounce around based on nodes taken, but an increase to her defense and health might also help keep her alive long enough to fire. Admittedly, I’m not big at figuring out what the stats do. Only see the numbers/percentages in the Skill and wonder if they’d make the Hero battle-worthy.

Am open to changing my own proposals though with any new information about the goblin witch lady.

Yeah, something needs to be done with this lackluster hero. I appreciate the creativity MxJunkie and hope they’ll consider at least the first or second option


This would be an excellent way to improve on this hero.

Even with the first costume I never levelled her, but with your ideas in particular, I definitely would level her.

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Admittedly, I like the second costume, though the changes I’d make for that one would be similar to how they changed up ccHorghall. What the second costume is could have been what this one was initially and I think most people might have been receptive to it rather than a stat adjust.

Plus, I liked to think some of these costumes are them coming up with themes. Candy Witch Skittleskull, while I’m not a fan of the artwork, was definitely meant to be a Grimforest connect with Hansel and Gretel. It’d be neat if the Special followed it with mana stuff.

That one came to mind when I remembered how much I like using Goopy in Events. Tbh, I’d happily use cSkittleskull if she was like him.

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So would I to be honest. As it is though, I fed my Skittles away because even with the first costume she was taking up roster space.

The same goes for Little John, I got him so late in the game that there was no place for him.

My view on season 1 heroes now is that without a costume, I have no need for them and if I do pull a costume for them that I like I will level it up.

Right now I have 2cLi Xiu, 2cRigard and 2cKiril, and I’m sure you can imagine which versions I prefer to use.

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Very much not bad ideas. Meanwhile, I’ve been chasing cRigard for so long that ccRigard is out and I STILL don’t have him. Might even give up on doing Costume Chamber since they’ve reverted back to 15 stages for 10 keys with bosses that weren’t adjusted on those later stages.

Speaking of Little John, I initially liked the costume. But then the game kept getting new heroes and they changed the dodge mechanics to replace each other rather than stack separate dodge buffs. So I didn’t want my cLittle John replacing cKadilen’s much better buff. The mana generation debuff on all enemies also made me think it was better than proximate quick dodge.

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The funny thing is that for the longest time I used Melendor. After more than 2 years of playing Rigard appeared, and soon after that his first costume, which I used until his second costume came.

Li Xiu, I never used, even though she used to be a thorn in my side in 4* tournaments.
Then I got her first costume and I still did not use her.

Kiril I also got very late in game but I levelled him because I needed a 4* blue healer.

Soon though I got 2cLi Xiu, then 2cKiril, and lastly 2cRigard.

All I really want from masquerades is 2cCaedmon, Melendors costume, 2cKelile and postman Grimm.

But there are heroes that need some love like Skittleskull, Little John, Scarlett, Hu Tao, and our dear old titan killer with a chance to miss…

I feel they all need to be reworked to make them relevant again.

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I might link the idea I had for secondary costume Wu Kong since instead of making him a normal attack buffer, they chose to make him a yellow Jack O’Hare at average speed. I felt like they wanted to keep the gimmick that he does something with a minor inconvenience rather than simply doing away with the gamble gimmick.