Buff Salmon Loki ++

Salmon Loki is easily the worst hero in the game. He needs a complete special overhaul. Maybe fish minions? Maybe you can change your team to the opposite color of the target for 3 turns? Idk, post your ideas for him, and upvote.

I agree salmon Loki is the worst hero, but how do his stats suck?

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Ok fair enough. His stats are balanced. I edited my post.

This card needs a remake … i don’t understand whats the point of making his specials like that :

  • first it isnt suitable for defense as he can easily turn the game in favour of ur opponenet
  • second its not suitable for defense as the colour change can favour ur attacker luck …
  • third he isnt good for titans even as the colour change isnt so clear
  • fourth this card if being made for events with yellow mobs or mobs leadees means SG is creating a very limited hero edition and even the colour change can harm my team in the legendary late stages even in event like circus event.

I beleieve there is a chance to clear SG designers pov about this card otherwise they should hve listened to beta testers about that horrible card.


@Ruskin505 if you think he’s the worst, vote!

Agree Fbenz needs to have a rework to make it a usable hero

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The easiest way to fix him is just to make him no more situational.

  • Deals 225% damage to all enemies.
  • All enemies receive 378 damage for three turns.

Is this that hard SGG? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Haha you can think of a situation where he would be useful? I can’t think of one, he looks completely useless to me. I’ve tried using him 4 times. The first time he changed a green enemy to green, then green again, then back to green. The other 3 times were almost as underwhelming. I don’t understand the ideal situation for him.

And the think is, he can still work in this state. He just needs to hit every single element. And make his DOT be way higher against holy. Just turn him into a proper gamble character and he’s quite fun to play with

Definitely the worst hero in the game. I’d love to know if anyone on the planet has used ascension mats on him…I highly doubt it.

Maybe do something completely new such as altering tiles to dark just like Scroll of Alteration.

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One of the ideas from Facebook “I’ll say what I said at the beginning: he needs to be “slippery” like a fish, with some special-skill dodging. Either as a passive trait or as part of his own skill.”

Makes perfect sense, give allies a chance to dodge as a passive skill.

Just wait. Maybe they will introduce a hero who has a crazy synergy with Salmon lokii :rofl: :joy:

Yep, Chef Kato :sushi:

While waiting for Surströmming Ariel rotting to be over :roll_eyes:

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Ooh good idea! I would ascend him for sure!

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He would instantly be a game changing hero.

I’d be interested in seeing Salmon Loki buffed to say 1000 power as a base card. Would it be enough to use?

Realistically speaking, he/it could go from THE WORST 5* hero to very good with just a few tweaks. The likelihood that it will happen…next to 0%

We’re one of two threads talking about the fish, the other is the main card thread, this one is the ideas thread. The ratings are hilariously bad for this card, and all the streamers are giving it joke reviews. The odds that actual dev eyes are on this thread is very high, so the more ideas that are thrown out here, the better. The squeaky wheel gets the grease.

The fish was an interesting design concept, yet poorly executed, so let’s call it for what it is…

A hero release well after S3 was over so they could feature 3 heroes at a clip without swapping every month. The art was already created, it was simply filler for easier content management.

No one’s eyes are on this thread but ours.

There are, what, 3 Loki heroes now? Maybe add something to Salmon Loki that creates synergy with the other Loki heroes.

So instead of only affecting Holy, it would be the opposing colours of any Loki heroes on the same side.

If you have Lord Loki, it would be Holy and Green. If you have Lady Loki, it would be Holy and Blue. If you have all three, then it would be Holy, Green and Blue. Only Red and Dark would be “safe” - and with the random colour change, it would give a 60% hit rate with all three Lokis on the board.

If SG decides to release more Loki-type heroes for Green and Holy, then Salmon Loki could be very powerful, as it would be able to affect all attributes.

It would still leave the base Salmon Loki the same, and weak, but it would be very deadly once the other Loki heroes are added in.

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