Buff’s not working

Current raid tourney, rush attack 5 star.
Fired Kiril twice in one raid . Both times his attack buff didn’t show up on the five stars I had in the lineup. (visually or on stats) I didn’t have enough space to record but snapped a pic. image

Fairly frustrating as the rush attacks are tough enough as it’s , please fix . (No none of the other team dispelled it)


It seems they mess the tournaments after every single update. It seems this time the buffs and debuffs work just randomly or not at all. It is not the same bug, but is similar → Raid Tournament Azlar not getting attack buff


Maybe merge is in order @Rook ?

For now I will leave separate (different hero, different tournament), but thanks @Scarecrow for providing the history of a similar bug. :slight_smile:


I was going to suggest that maybe Alice’s attack debuff interfered, but it doesn’t appear so…

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No, I also forgot to mention that it also hadn’t shown that viv had “Attack down” ailment until I fired Kiril . Then it showed up. Was a glitch filled match for sure.

I thought I was going crazy, lol. This is happening to me on a random basis as well.

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Good to know I’m not alone.

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