Buff Russel

Please do something to make him relevant. I wasted rings on this guy for his ability to bypass C. Kadilen, but it’s so weak and useless. A total waste of rings and roster space.

I agree that Russell could use a small buff to help to see a bit more use, he isn’t terrible but needs a bit more oomph to finish off a wounded dodge hero.

All I would do would be to just increase the initial damage from 350% to 400%. That will give his ability a bit more bite, and in line with the fact he is an average speed hero.

More than that would be nice but likely his synergy with wu Kong could be OP.

A less desirable buff would be to just double the fire DOT, but that would be less fun and kinda more like something gravemaker does

My suggested buff is this:

This Special Skill never misses its targets.
:new: Dispel all buffs from the target.
Deals 350% damage to the target.
The target and nearby enemies receive 264 Burn damage over 3 turns.
Element Link gives +10% increase for any healing received for all Fire allies for 4 turns. This effect can’t be dispelled.


Yes! I absolutely love this idea @FraVit93 and had the same thought. Giving Russel a damage boost would be a boring buff. Keeping his damage the same but giving him a dispel, would make him a good utility hero (red still has few dispellers) and make him an actual counter for dodge heroes.

He’s a hero I really regret wasting my asc mats on. I don’t use him for anything,