Buff/redesign Vlad

Absolutely the worst hero in the game. 2-stars are more useful on the battlefield.
His special needs a complete makeover.

Comparing these two very fast 3*'s is interesting.

13 bleed damage per turn for 5 turns with ability to stack the damage up to 59 damage/turn


250% damage plus 70 bleed damage per turn for 2 turns.

I would suggest buffed Vlad’s special as:

  1. Cleanses all negative status effects from caster
  2. Deals 120% damage to target
  3. Target bleeds for 240 damage over 5 turns. If target already has this ailment damage increases by 200, up to 800 bleed damage over 5 turns.

Additionally, I would buff his pathetically low attack stat up to around 500ish.

The stolen healing can stay or go, but apart from that, the flavor of the card remains, just adds a small utility, a bit of direct damage, and a more useful amount of bleeding.