Buff red heroes

So, Gormek and Wilbur are defense down, G. Falkon - color defense down, Boldtusk, Anzogh, Zimkitha, Red Hood, Grazul are healers, Marjana - fast sniper, Mitsuko - mana stealing and blue reflection, Gravemaker, Azlar, Jean-Francois - DoT. To be continued.

I’d say that a weak color in the game is purple. I can’t recall a purple attack buffer, for example. Also many purple heroes, especially season 1 heroes have low attack stats.

Leave 4* stars and from 5 * who is good healer and show me who is HOTM and what is with DOT they dont stack

For example, Tyr does bleed damage instead of fire. This would be the kind of thing we’re looking for. At least they’ve started moving in the direc—ah, I eat my words here. JF is nothing but burn damage. :joy: Anyway, hopefully they’re starting in the right direction! Just keep it coming. More people like Tyr, who do good red stuff and cut people down without flinging burns everywhere.

Thank you on argumenting with me i also think Tyr is great hero and i hope so SG makes better things in future for balance of the game and they should do more things in beta testing and calkulating and make game great for all and not to ■■■■ gamers

I argued for a less OP Telly in Beta but lost that point badly. I have her. I’ve redone my entire defence to use her. I’ve got my alliance to begin a switch to green tanks to leverage her.

I’m heavily committed and invested into the Telly experience.

But I think the nerf is warranted.

But make no mistake. Vela’s nerf isn’t about Vela. It’s a further Nerf to Telly

Reds are fine. Once Tyr was introduced I think they’ve come back into balance. They need a 5 star Evelyn or panther style hero and Santa or Ares need to be up-tweaked a wee bit and they’ll be pretty darn strong.

I actually dont mind Reds having more of a group-synergy thing going on than other colours. It gives the colour it’s own flavour.

Zim; Tyr, Black Knight and even Wilbur are some pretty awesome heroes. A fully emblemed Marj is surprisingly tough on defence.

And my experience over Christmas showed Santa to be a viable B+ tank.

You can’t honestly claim that Tyr alone rebalanced red? One 5*? At what? 0.235 % of pulling and less for every valhalla summon? 3 out of 4 vanilla reds are at slow speed. And even though there are some common good red 4* out there there is no way they can compete with an emblemed Tell with mid to fully lvld mana troops.
Problem as I see it is that too many seasoned players don’t even consider the core heroes of this game anymore. Or feeders as we call them. That’s were the balance needs to start. And as of now, red is by far furthest behind. It wasn’t as clear before due to the lack of strong green tanks except Yunan, who I’ve rarely seen used anyways.

Now, I don’t personally have a problem with Tell & Vela as with an ok board my JF and Grazul with mana troops fixes them both more often than not. But the T&V synergy as well as the speed involved here clearly shows an imbalance to the core of the game. And I don’t see it changing. SG has over the last year moved to a meta game that is going to be impossible for new, f2p and c2p players to adapt to since even emblemed vanilla 5* heroes are weaker than some of the newer 4* due to speed and effects.

The core of this game needs an adjustment rather than a huge nerf of tell. But I’d rather see them buffing the original heroes as they are so far behind with reds at the very back.


Thats why other see telly is OP. Maybe SG will design a new hero to counter telly… Maybe this is the answer. A new red hero to counter telly… Not nerfing her.

A few red heroes to counter Telly, I’d say. Can’t expect everyone to draw the one. And also to counter Vela. Get a red tank buster that’s immune to attack down, I’d think. And then also prepare the other colors to fight such synergies. I would like to see more of these clever combos in the future; we just need the weapons to fight them. Not with overly powered tools, but with carefully designed tools with potential futures in mind.

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Buff TC red heroes (not costume unless costume can be created from building):

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I like the idea behind the costumes, but as the chance to get one specific for the keys you get for free it isn’t relevant in this discussion as they will never become common enough to be gamechanging.

I can only say that I’m glad they’ve announced the Telluria nerf. I have a strong red bench, and my success rate vs Telluria-tanked teams is still much lower than 40% (feels closer to 30%, honestly, but I may be skewing it just because I like red, even though they are generally weaker {i.e., slower mana, inconsequential specials, glass cannon hitters}). I usually run Boldtusk/Vivica/Falcon/Azlar/Jean-Francois, and get destroyed unless I have 6+ red tiles lined up on Telluria at the outset. Even with the argument that running Vivica and Azlar is suboptimal due to their slowness, and Azlar and JF together because their burns supersede one another, I require enough durability to have a slim chance of resolving specials to possibly save the match. Elena can’t cut it because her defense is too low, Wilbur could help remedy the situation somewhat if I had more nodes on his talent grid, and Rigard (10 nodes, partial costume) might help since he charges faster than Vivica, . . . but as soon as we start mentioning Tyr, Gravemaker, Black Knight, Mitsuko, etc., we’ve reached my limit – JF is the only truly desirable red 5* in my roster; I’m c2p, and I get an unusually high percentage of classic 3*s on my event/heroic/coin pulls . . . . I have to strive for success with what the RNG giveth and taketh. It feels like double jeopardy for me, though.

Anyway, back on point:

I completely agree that red needs a 5* with dispel capability. I also think arguments could be made for the ‘bloodlust’ ability (a la Brienne, Namahage, Khiona, Black Knight) to appear on more red 4/5*s.

I’ll say more later.

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That is why I said: not costume.

Tnx i hope red get some buff

Costumed rigard buffs attack, and does a swell job of it.

Right now, with Vela in play, red isn’t the answer to Telly. When Vela loses her extra damage to red, Telly becomes more vulnerable.

Which still presupposes that if someone has a Telluria tank, the Vela flank is assuredly there, too. Not that I’m trying to snark, but that aspect of the metagame doesn’t apply necessarily to the situation; actual raids are what concern me.

I don’t think you’ll find many people testifying that they brought a red stack - killed Telly before firing and then could t beat Vela. Nerfing Vela will make no difference if they don’t bring out higher attack powered fire heroes…

This is, actually, a very realistic scenario. Once Vela fired, mono red team heroes lose 60% of attack and take considerable damage. If Vela’s DoT is not cleansed, it will finish red team in 3 turns or so, plus other enemy heroes continue attacking.

Huh? That sounds like what happened to me at least 20 percent of the time when I was trying red stacks

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