Buff red heroes

Wtf is with red heroes all are talking about Tell and Vela and what is with red heroes they are weak and don’t stack most of them have DOT and they ■■■■ each others

Eh… That’s a good point, actually. It is kinda common that they all try to do burn damage, and that doesn’t work so well. Enough burners for a while, then?


For sure they burn most of them and what they do they overwrite each others and it is not good give us some hard red hitters and some buff for all red slow heroes

I don’t see anywhere that anyone claims that Tell is OP anywhere except as tank in raid defense. She is the first green tank around used by many. So I totally agree with you! She shows reds weakness rather than her own supremacy.

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Especially Azlar. I have a 3-70 Azlar and a Colen at grid level 5. Colen’s easily better, and I think that’s sad. And since Azlar will never be worth max-ascending without his costume, that tells me that Colen is simply better than Azlar is, and Colen’s not even the best 4*

Tnx i think red is weakest colour from all

I hope they will make some changes and make some good 5* healers snipers and some who will dispel


Vanilla reds definetly need a buff. I actually only have Elena maxed out of all of them and I’m not even contemplating maxing any other than Marjana.

Grave and Marjana are good but they need to make some diversity in red heroes look at all others colours there are some great heroes

It’s because Vela came out and is a perfect flank for Telly doing extra damage to red. That’s getting nerfed too

Tnx i appreciate your answer but reds are weak and it is not ok that one hero can kill them in two waves like Vela

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And we need more diversity in red heroes i didn’t have anything against Tell and didn’t say never nerf her

I don’t mind the extra damage. The really annoying thing about Vela is her attack debuff making a bad board too lethal if you don’t have Zimkitty and mana troops lvl 30. I don’t mind the balancing they are trying to accomplish but they are going at it the wrong way in my opinion. It’s becoming more and more obvious how obsolete the vanilla heroes are getting and red more so than the other colours. Reds main problem (vanilla reds) is speed. A defense with emblems, mana troops and very fast mana speed you don’t stand a chance with even a mediocre board playing vanilla heroes.

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With Wilbur and Guardian Falcon red heroes are one of the most powerful in the game, I’d say. In challenge events mono-red team is one of the most commonly used, unless red is a reflected color.

Sorry you are wrong you give us 4* heroes and yes they are in events and nice but what is with 5* heroes no diversity like others i repeat again and most slow

It’s Vela that is powerful, not red heroes are weak. I don’t know any other hero that inflicts a dedicated damage against any other color. And this is actually a proof of the fact that red heroes are powerful.

No way red is weakest from all

You say that.

Are you talking about season 1 5* exclusively?

Overall look at the other colour heroes there are great hitters healers dispels and look at reds

I totally agree red is the weakest element in empires. Hope they don’t nerf telluria. All they need to do is add counters buffs and more power to red hero’s.

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