Buff or debuff defense from the left side

Hello, I have a question because there are many opinions on this topic. If we are attacked by an opponent, our team is controlled by a computer, so its action is based on the characters starting from the left side, therefore it is better to set the hero who gives us an attack buff or a debuff hero who decreases the defeat? Which option in the setting will be.

Defense debuffs are better than equivalent strength attack buffs for boosting damage.


Would set it like

Alby Sonya Wilbur Kage Shakal


Alby Sonya Boldie Kage Shakal

Revive, heal, debuff, buff, hit would be best, but Sonya isn’t the best tank. Maybe also try:

Alby Boldie Sonya Kage Shakal

It’s from the left what types are supposed to be heroes because I’m lost? with buff, healing. And what do you think about the proposed option?

And for Wilbur, Gormek or Boldtusk who better option.

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