Buff Noor please!

Since Noor deals no special damage herself, she either needs to be sped up or have minions generate mana maybe.

Why does she need to do damage? She is a support hero. She effectively overheals the team for 500+hp and systematically destroys thousands of hp’ worth of enemy miniones. Why does she need to do more? She is a great counter to strong minion summoners like hulda. And of course she self overheals for 500+hp every time a minion summoner summons, ensuring she is always last (wo)man stranding


She is good as she is. Been a long time user of her in the correct use case. When i see a minion heavy team, i take her and she does the job almost always. I also use her with Viscaro and it is even better. We need to learn to play with her for wat she was built for.


Sparrow Minion mama generation would be awesome

Voted for being sped up. Make her Average speed and call it a day.


I’ll take a buff… But she is what she is… A niche hero that is really good for what she does. But slow.

I’ll take a buff too. But I do think people who complain she “only” summons minions underestimate the quality of those minions. They’re ludicrously tough and they hit HARD. (And they look so, so cute…)

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@drdare You could say that about ANY hero. Seems to me hero balancing is about improving hero usage and Noor just doesnt have that many uses other than minion hit/clear.


@Gorann, I agree that Noor’s special is very enjoyable with those little tweeters!

Heh, love the cute sparrows, but unfortunately, Noor never gets any use from me, not even for rush wars/tourneys.

It would be nice if she just did something extra, like her sparrows dispel a single buff from target when hit or cleanses ailments at the end of each turn as long as they’re alive. Or maybe change her to average and drop the hp to 27%?


She is a great hero for any PVE activities - map, quest, tower, etc. Not bad for event stuff too as the sparrows mop up surviving mobs quite nicely (if you aren’t chasing top scores).

I personally also use her in most of my raids even without opposing minion summoners due to the extra survivability she provides

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I got Noor the month she was released. I was very exited to get a HOTM. I am F2P and any 5* is better than no 5*.

I use her a lot for maps, quest and towers. I cannot use her for raids or wars. Because she or some other hero dies before Noor gets to fire.

The main reason I use her I can pair her with Freya. When they paired their minions become very effective. I am not sure I would use Noor if I did not have Freya.

I think this the main issue with Noor. She is a support hero who needs a support hero. Because of her mana speed.

This is why I think she would see a lot more use if she was an average hero.

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My suggested buff is this:

:fast_forward: mana speed from slow to average.
:up: Summons a Sparrow Minion for each ally. Sparrow Minions ignore effects wich prevent heroes from receiving Minions. The Sparrow Minion inherits 25% HP and 25% attack from the caster.
Before Sparrow Minion hits target, it destroys all Minions from the target.
Element Link gives all Fire allies +30% defense against Special Skills for 4 turns. This effect can’t be dispelled.


Despite her earlier buff, she’s still rated C by Anchor.

Which means absolutely nothing. He has justice.no costumr as b- and magni (!) As an a

She’s good as she is. Bump her to average speed, pair her with Frosth and Bera, and you’ll be fighting minions instead of heroes.

She’s perfect, as she is, for map/quest stages when you just want to autoplay while you play Wordle. Or do real life chores. Or while working.

10% of healin on slow speed?

Give her average speed or at lest 20-25% of healing

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I’d think that this is Noor’s last hurrah . A mostly unused, older hotm that’s received a second round of buffing. AND, imo, an appeasement move by sgg for buffing the already most powerful, current heroes.

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10% healing is a joke

SG solved absolutely nothing. with this miserable buff Noor won’t be used anywhere again

Needs more than 10 % of healing in that slow speed … at least 20%.with all these heroes now circulating she is still no going to get love