Buff/Nerf Ranvir

I liked using wu with aoe hitters like li xiu. The odds are in your favor the mire repetitions you have…

My team is actually a sniper team with Seshat. Seshat and Ranvir are same year giving me yet another attack boost. It also spreads Seshat’s mana boost from he EL. All the snipers are fast, so basically get people off once and then it just keeps rolling.


Ranvir needs to be modified soon currently and useless hero impossible to use miss all tiles more than wuukong often wonder if it has any bugs? His +195% attack of him should be modified to +160% but no handicap of -35% accuracy like most super enhancers also he is a hotm hero like Miki so why not put him on the same level? Indeed lately Miki has also been improved by 1 more turn in silencing enemies.

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