Buff Myztero

I don’t have Costumed Rigard, I don’t have Grzaul, I don’t have BK…
Sounds like you need some really good heroes to accompany Myztero to make him shine.
But if you have Grazul, BK, and/or Costumed Rigard, probably you already have a line of great heroes and no need of Myztero at all.

So, for the P2P players, Myztero is just an additional and adding more fun on their games.
For C2P or F2P players, Myztero is not a life saver and could not make an immediate difference, cause you need a few other specific heroes to make it work.

Since I have the mats, I will level him up later on, but not a priority.
I will try to put him together with Sif, Ariel, Marjana and MLF and see what will that be.

Correct as he stands right now I’d say he is a niche hero that if you have all the right components hes a beast but their are better heros to max atm.


That’s why people are disappointed.
Not only a 5*, and also as a “special” hero, the hero should be able to stand alone and make a difference by himself/herself.

Any of the GVT can make a difference alone.
Heidmall can make it.
Grazul, BK… a long list.
That is a 5* supposed to be.
We are not talking about season one 5* here.

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I agree, I’ve stated a while ago how i think he should be buffed to make him a more outstanding hero with just him alone. By either having taunt, self healing or self cleansing. I feel like the healing should be tied to how many ailments he has memorized. 15-20% per each ailment. Also increase the damage to around 120%

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If Myztero had a cleanse it would be perfect.

I´d rather have him not forget the ailments once thrown back and/or also recall ailments that he wans´t hit with but his allies.
His special is quite unique, they should just make it better.
As many said, for a very rare hero, he just doesnt cut it


There are lot of other "for fun " heroes like Rumplestiltskin or Danzaburo and the Cheshire Cat… …This guy just doesn’t corresponded to my expectations…

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It would be unbalanced

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How so? He is a fragile hero that NEEDS to be hit to be worth anything. Give him some survivability from DOTs and ailments so he has a chance to do something. Explain the “unbalance”.

Name at least one very fast cleanser

I’m talking SELF cleanse. Not a full team cleanse.

He is the rarest hero in the game. Right now he’s a poor man’s Lady Loki.

OK, name at least one very fast SELF cleanser

He’d be the first self cleanser in the game.

He has a unique, very useful ability. It’s enough

Will not. He is already first and unique hero with unique ability

He’s worse than Lady Loki. Do you disagree? I’d trade mine for a Lady Loki in a heartbeat.

Yes, I disagree. Already have Lady Loki - not use she :slight_smile: Average. Can’t do anything with undispellable skills. Just mirror of Hatter.

I guess we’ll agree to disagree. The majority of us think he’s lackluster and needs a buff.

Everyone who has some kind of hero thinks that it would be nice if he was better. Nothing new

Yes, disagree. Myz can memorize nondispellable status ailments (e.g., costume Azlar burn, Onatel mana drain, Morgan drain, etc) and throw these back to the entire team; Lady Loki can only cleanse dispellable status ailments.

Both Myz and Lady Loki have strengths and weaknesses.

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