Buff Myztero

I’ve just shown screenshots of Myztero throwing back mana generation slow from Telly, burn from Gravemaker, poison from Clarissa. Before, I’ve shown how he throw back Morgana’s ailment. On top of those, he deals 107% dmg. Isn’t it enough?

Yes, he needs support from the team to do that, that’s why Rigard and Brynhild are with him. It doesn’t work every time, but he would be ridiculously over powered if it worked every time. Make a team around him. Don’t expect from him to do all the job.

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No one doubt Myztero could do hell of a damage if firing all 5 effects back to opponents… the point is, if he could.
You said it already, he needs support, especially support from some specific heroes… Rigard, Brynhild… how about if you don’t have it (Rigard is regular so it should not be a problem)??
This also mean, whenever you use Myztero, you need to bring on some along to “protect” him; while you can use GM everywhere.
Just can’t compare GM to Myztero at all.

I belive the point of Myztero is in his name - it’s a bit of a mystery what he can achieve. And he plays that role excellent. One of the most amusing heros in the game. I never said he is better then Gravemaker. But occasionally, he can be. He can be a lot of things.

And I don’t see a problem with the fact that you must adjust the team for him… It’s actually cool that you must figure what’s the best solution. More cool than put your snipers and fire.

No doubt he is a bit different from most heroes, and should be “fun” to use.
I have him, but most reviews are pretty negative, I am holding myself back to level him up.

please, don’t compare him with GM, we have enough with one GM in the game. any heroe similar to GM, namely JF or Clarissa, has been nerfed prerelease to be less good than him. If GM would have launched this year all the nerf tell, nerf vela love would be against the allmighty Gravemaker.
just my poor grammarly opinion.
Happy gaming!

I’ll 100% agree to this, and I don’t even have him. For the insane rarity I have no problem going up against him. When I heard about a secret hero I figured it would be a borderline 6*, not solid a 4* at best

Myztero it’s just unique fun hero for collectors. Not more, not less. It is not designed to make its owners invincible. We already have borderline 6* hero now - it’s more than enough

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But that’s just the thing, he’s not really all that fun. You have to constantly wait for the other team to cast effects on you before you can use him. It’s actually kind of annoying. Let him memorize the effects for the remainder of the battle? Now things just got fun.

I think he could be pretty good in events/quest but not PVP in a single game situation which there is no time and not enough chance for him to load up.

We basically have a full fledged 6* now, not borderline: Finley.

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I don’t think so - I have Malosi and Jean François. Many others have Mitsuko (suicide Finley))). I think that if the defense team did not have + 20% attack by default, then heroes like him would not cause such problems

I have none of what you mentioned… :frowning:

The larger the roster of heroes, the easier it is to play. If the roster of heroes is small/insufficient, this does not mean that someone needs to be nerfed/buffed. Unfortunately, the amount of money spent means a lot in this game

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Most of the time I am hit by Telluria, Vela and GM anyway, or at least 2 of them… So it’s not like I had to wait for Myztero to remember something. I have plenty of screen shots with various ailments casted back to defence team… And those went my way. It’s just another strategic layer. You bring Rigard as a cleanser, Myztero throw it back. I see it as a different mechanic.

Isn’t this one of the most powerful hero ever? :joy:

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do you think it is okay to pair him with Vivica, a slow hero?

p.s. I forgot, Ariel, an average healer, can do the same job.


Costumed Rigard, c.Melendor instead of Brynhild. Both can be effectively fast relatively easy. I agree he needs some support from the team to shine. He’s not great in defence. I think he’s good to experienced players who wants to take their game plan to smth new and different. He is really fun. And sometimes, you get carried away and lose the raid because you just want to see what can he become. :joy:
Ariel also. Imagine Rigard and her cleaning everything, and then he throws back. :muscle:

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I have pulled and leveled him from the last tavern. This hero is the most dissapointing , that I have. Easy to kill him… ridiculous damage… and…he “Forgets” the memorized ailments once he fire - that is the most stupid part… I want my 6 tabards back …

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Do you mind sharing what heroes you partnered him?

Rigard Costumed. Marjana. Grazul. Seshat

3 purple, 2 red, pretty risky lineup.
If no purple tiles, Myztero pretty much die easily as Rigard has no chance to save him.

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