Buff Myztero

I have him at 1/1. So sad that a rare with this rare of odds can’t even get a A rating. At least least make him a sorcerer the worst class in the game by FAR! Buff and change his class SG you owe us!

I have him and maxxed, I love him but he needs to be paired with a cleanser/Grazul to be utilized properly. I love using him and he is great with the meta of status ailments. He is 100% worthy of the tabards but not if you have an A r A+ hero. Even though i picked him over clarissa as i didnt have a 5* rogue. However I’m team buff all the way.

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I currently have him at 3/1 and wish I didn’t waste time and resources on him. He sucks.

I have him maxed and a few emblems, working on his dupe now. He’s a speciality hero that needs to be used thoughtfully to get the most out of him. I generally carry him into certain fights against great heroes that leave lasting damage(Alzar,etc) or use him against titan, but do not fire his special, just drag him around building up your 5 memories. Then that extra tuff boss or war opponent you really want to kill, Myztero is your guy. Hope it helps.

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I just pulled him. Got lucky with a single try. Not sure if ile use him. However, if they added him copying the tanks position buffs or selected target for himself, that would be cool. His low damage would be acceptable then. And is dispell an ailment? Feel its a negative effect he should beable to copy.

How did you just pull him? The Atlantis portal is currently opened, not the Tavern portal.

Agree, if you use him against the right defense (i.e., a defense with a lot of status ailments) and time his special he is pretty solid… I recently learned that Myz can memorize Kilhare’s defense down to ally ailment too, so I typically use him on a purple heavy stacked team.

No got him like few weeks ago… um taverns? That might have been it… i didn’t mean like today… lol

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I have him but will hold off on lvling him. Either have to do something to increase his resistance to specials or increase his initial attack

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He must be Buffed. Dispel ailments and healing needs to be added imo.

He is really bad. I just can’t understand why he is not buffed already…

Buff myztero it’s a bummer he sucks

I was coming to the forums to say this exact same thing when I found this thread.

I don’t think he needs a major buff or anything but 107% dmg is pretty laughable. That to me is what makes him none desirable.

I suggest upping his AoE damage to 150-175% range.

That’s all he needs to be honest. His skill is amazing. Y’all just need to know when to use it.

Without a little damage boost though. I still feel he is sub par.

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I agree that Myztero needs a bit improvement.
Why create a special 5* but he is not quite able to store 5 or die before really firing something meaningful except his 107% direct attack?

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No no no…
Make special and rare heroes chumps. And wait for another HotM before releasing the next super creep. Thanks for continuing to ruin the game.

Maybe have the goblins lean out and drop poo out of the balloon just for good measure

Myztero can be awesome!

I believe this is one of the best uses so far: he remembered Morgana’s undispellable hp drain, and now he’s getting +1000hp every turn! Lovely! :joy:

This is so not true… Imagine Gravemaker hitting 5? That Myztero can do. Not everytime, but that’s the fun part about him.

Even if they just made it so that once he memorized a status ailment he always knew it, he would be better. The fact that once he casts he forgets them and has to learn them again is just stupid, it completely defeats the purpose of his very fast Mana. The very fast Mana would be awesome if you could learn the status ailments early in the fight and then dish them out anytime you needed to. It would make him an awesome support hero. But as it is, by the time he gets 5 status ailments, mofo’s probably about dead. Along with the rest of your team. The very fast makes zero sense here.

Myztero should offer 20% defense / offense buffs to all allies, in addition to the 107% damage deal. That way, Myztero is less likely to die in the process of memorizing status illnesses. Moreover, even if you don’t remember any illness, it’s worth using the skill.

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It is about balance here.
If you give him the capability to memorize 5 status ailments, then also make him sturdy enough to stay long to fire the special.
If you fire him before learning enough, his 107% attack is a laughing stock (I see this as, you are speeding up all opponent’s mana generation, but not dealing significant damage).

GM is a much all round and bulky, can be used as both attack and defense team.
Of course, his specials have 4 effects (extra , which makes him far superior than Myztero.

If you make GM hitting 5, he is OP.
Myztero is underpower at this moment. If buffing him up, no need to make him causing more damage, but adding defense/cleanse makes more sense for him to stay alive longer.

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