Buff Myztero

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Hello to all. Being able to take Myztero is very difficult to say the least. Its percentage is 0.1%.
Due to its rarity I propose that it be upgraded in this way:
-damage from 107% to all enemies to 170% to all enemies
-the ailments he memorizes and then throws at all enemies, nullifies them on his allies except himself
This would give this hero more prestige and above all, it would give more desire to be able to draw him.
Do you think this is a good idea?


Yes, great idea. While he is a special type of hero, what good is fast mana when attack point is so low.

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Because the damage is the least of his special. If you are taking him against Alfrike then you want to get your 6 tiles ready in time so you can throw the mindless attack to all in time before the flanks and wings fire (assuming you also have an ailment blocker).

Or against other tanks you may want to fire him early to return the tank’s special and then charge him up again so that you can return flank specials also.

Or towards the middle → end of a match I have found him to be a good finisher as he charges in 3 ghosted tiles.

Are we still arguing this? Any hero is useful in the proper context. The more mental gymnastics you need to do to justify using him, the weaker he gets. I can go with Boril as my #1 tank in all battles IF I can get him charged before all the fast hit-all heros, and IF I can get a defense boost on him, and IF he doesn’t get sniped, and IF I can get a prevent ailment on him at juuuust the right time and IF…you know what, I’ll just go with someone else.

He has the potential to be a massive and effective counter to the proliferation of fast, hit-all, defense down heros they are putting out there (ie Frigg and such), but the fact that he does not cleanse the ailment from all at the same time leaves him lacking. There are at least 10 purple 5 stars I would recommend using tabards on first. He’s just an average at best hero. That’s not to say he is useless, but for how rare he is he absolutely, 100% should receive a buff. Other heros have been buffed that needed it far less than he does.

Now please don’t get me restarted on Inari…


I think it’s absurd that they gave Khaghan at least 4 improvements. I wish Myztero just had something more that would make him a more useful and sensible hero


Guess since we started bumping this thread I should repeat it here. Buff him so that he never forgets the status ailments. Once he’s hit, he remembers them till the fight is over. That’s all he needs and he becomes a solid, above average hero worth maxing and emblems.


I enjoy your commentary!
And find you make some interesting and valid points. And have given me a few good chuckles. Thanks for that!

All of which,
will be dismissed & portrayed as
unjust hatred:

Which is nothing of the sort
What you and most of us are saying

If you continue to waste your time,
I wish you luck with that.
Even the countenance, is an absolute waste. Later @Aboisso27

Well, the low rates of the two new Black Friday event heros reminds me of our poor Mytzero. Same odds essentially, but look how crappy he is…

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Inari is now buffed and is among tier 1 heros now I believe. A yellow counterpart of C Kadilen.

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