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@Ultra @FloRida I did warn in my last post that my opinion is biased, as Ultra said. From a neutral perspective, E&P should be buffing Myztero to make money and get extra pulls. I am selfishly grateful that they’re not.

However, as a former FTPer/very CTPer, I’d understand if they did what was right and buffed him like they should (from his current status). It’s our decision as to when we pull/when we save. Making him at least reputable would be fair for everyone (as long as you don’t Telly him and kill everyone’s enjoyment of the game).

same I don’t want him to be so good to make things like with telly… but at least to be a bit more excited when getting him. or if we already have him

I honestly skip him in Beta, so don’t really tested him. I pretty much skip testing all new heroes lately.
Not interesting anymore.

I saw some videos and, yes, he seems a little disappointing for such low odds.
He seems to be good only if he manage to steal Gravemaker burn or Clarissa poison, but that not happen all the time and you still have to receive at your end the damage before applying it.

I don’t know, as it is i really struggle to see him better then Victor.
He could be good, but it’s like something is simply wrong on how he works.

Maybe he simply should be average, hit much stronger and apply all status effects registered at once.


So a dark lady loki?


“That’s it!” shouts Lucy.
Startled, Charlie Brown rolls head over heels in the grass.



Similar, but not exactly the same.

Loki in the process clean your party, he would not.

Loki transfer only status effect still effective on your party, he would apply even those effects already expired.

Just throwing out the first idea on my mind.
Not really know how to improve him to be honest.

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It is sad that myztero is of such high rarity but ultimately is sub par even at very fast. It would be nice if he memorized buffs and debuffs to all hero’s or simply just flipped flipped all negative and positive buffs. The fact that the special is almost useless and his 100% attack on all enemies is rather meek is disheartening.

Myztero needs something a little more effective to do what he does. He is effective with non single target, damage dealing (no snipers) defense teams. The chances of him being hit by a sniper is 1 in 5 chance to memorize(not good odds). Chances of Myz living another hit by another sniper to memorize another status effect, slim. There is no way he take 5 hits to memorize up to 5 status effects. I have Myz maxed and my criteria, right now to use him is finding a defense that has 1 or less sniper. Then he may work effectively. Even then for him even memorize 4 or 5 status effects is a pipe dream.

I would propose a chance of memorizing any negative status effects cast (70%?) as an innate ability.
If he memorized some status effects, the special he has as written get cast.
If Myz hasn’t memorized any status effects when cast, then he does 135% damage to target and nearby enemies and receive 330 poison damage over 2 turns (GM damage)

How about something like that to make him worth the rare he is for tavern event?

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Is he that bad? I killed him on def teams sometimes. He really did not did anything but I thought he was kinda super cool for attacking.

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You forgot the beast - Gravemaker

Oh yeah, when I was first using Myz, I would wait still he memorized something. Most times, he wouldn’t memorize a thing or die so I came to the realization to fire him when he lights up (unless a hero with a status effect was about to fire) as he lights up fast. Win or lose, you end thinking, what exactly did Myz do? and its usually not much… Heck, Rumpelstiltskin is more effective with chance than Myz. But if there is no sniper defense team, he can shine there.

I got Saragasso last Pirates, then I got super rare Myztero yesterday. I’m probably going to elevate Saragasso first. That’s how bad Myztero is.

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Working on Myztero now as I run Gazelle most attacks. He’ll be fun there as he’ll be protected yet still memorize ailments, but only if the stars align and he is ACTUALLY BEING HIT with ailments (only guaranteed via hit-all, 60% chence via hit-3, etc.) Guess it means you just don’t bring him unless the enemy has strong AoE ailment pressure.

What Myztero needs is an innate ability to remember ailments applied to ANY ally, not just himself.

Also, his attack via special should increase 10% each level up not 1% lol. Let him do something if he’s charged with no ailments memorized. Ok, maybe 5% up to 135% vs all at 8/8.

He should at least be 170% damage to all…he is so weak otherwise. He has to be hit with ailments and survive long enough to toss them back. And it’s not even a toss back, meaning he keeps his ailments. He needs something because even as a novelty he’s pretty, pretty bad.


I think it’s good that he’s not an OP hero. That discourages people from making insane attempts to pull for him at a 0.1% chance.

Agree, don’t make him OP…just make him above average.

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My 2cents.

  • yes, Myztero is a bonus draw. But with particural % to get, as any other hero. Spending diamonds for summoning is like buying lottery tickets, with very specific description of chances to get listed heroes. With such info players analize their chances to get demanded hero. What is a difference if RND provide ‚win’ with description of standard or bonus draw? Spending diamonds/cash ingame is always derived from our needs/prayers.
  • Myztero is probably hardest to obtain hero in the game, and probably is represented by lowest number of copies. Then, he is kinda unique by itself (+ another consequence: nobody possess - nobody cares)
  • one of the reasons nerfing Telly was her popularity/easiness to earn (ofc with the correlation to her strengh) comparing to other, far more harder to get, event’ heroes like Guin. Then, such unique hero should be more useful…
  • From the other hand - shouldn’t his stats/skill tempt to draw?
  • such exclusive hero, with all of his mysterious aura prepared by SG should give enough lucky or desperate player/spender some reasons for happiness. Myztero unfortunately isn’t something special now, gaining him is a bit confusing… yeah, nice - another 5* hero, but what for… Shouldn’t Myztero be more powerful, true Legendary, worth to put in every raid/war defense - to shine, to be proud of? This game is a bit about it, no need to denying that :slight_smile:

Margie worthless? I’ve never understood ppl saying that. She was in my fav every green attacking 3/2 squad from the very beginning:

Just need to be concious about her purpose and high atk stat.
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Personally I think he should either cleanse him self, get taunt, and/or heal him self for 10% pe number of ailments memorized. And damage increase to 130%. His special doesn’t have much synergy with what he is suppose to do. Some sort of self preservation is need.


I ended up with him, and trust me… don’t bother using resources to level him up, especially not Tabards. It’s nothing more than a character to look at, not use. In use, he sucks. Bottom of the 5* list.

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