Buff Myztero

For the record, as one of the most vocal advocates for a Myztero buff and the friendly antagonist to Homaclese through the life of this thread, I DO NOT endorse feeding Myztero to anyone else unless you have a very stacked roster and a huge backlog of purple 5 stars. A very small tweak could make him extremely powerful and very much worth leveling.

Thank you,

The Buff Myztero Management Team


Damn I see my Myztero is still crap


Yes he needs a huge buff!!!

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Mikis special gets 5 turns and Myztero looks how his neighbors are dieing because he/it can’t cleans. Applaus!


I lost all my hope …for it…they can’t pull enough money from us on Myztero so will be fofgotten


Why is myztero still garbage when he is the rarest hero? He’s actually more rare now that ninjas takes every other month. Let’s be honest with all of the new s3,s4 ninjas and event heros he’s basically obsolete and it’s a little depressing to pull such an exclusive hero and having him be almost worthless.


This hero needs to be reassessed urgently, the lucky ones who received him need to feel that he really has an asset in his hand. A very rare hero must have skill according to his rarity.

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Does anybody know, if Myztero remains the special of Elizabeths and Hannahs fines? The mana generation and attack down! Myztero have to or?

Thats why he’s a bench warmer for most people. It sucks but SG either doesn’t care or doesn’t listen

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He still does well for me most wars where I can find a team to use him against, usually an alfrike

Emilio was also critical in this win

LOL…you think? It was over immediately if you didn’t have Emilio. The ailment block was everything.

Sure… that’s how I use the two together vs alfrike. One plays defense one plays offense. Both are required

He was admittedly pretty useless in today’s wat hit

At least your myztero acted like a pseudo taunter. What the odds four cubes hitting the same hero?

I know right! Well at least the ai thinks he is dangerous. C magnis d down, 4 alfrike cubes and a slash attack in close succession

Best thing to give myztero. Just give him taunt for 3 turns. Compliments really well with his rogue class as a taunter that can dodge specials

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Gostaria que equilibrassem alguns heróis tenho o Mystero herói secreto das lendas! Acho esse herói fraco demais pela raridade dele! Heroi muito rápido porém da muito pouco dano o diferencial é o absorver que você precisa ser atingido para poder lançar não remove o efeito negativo acumula 5 males que nunca consegue acumular pois possivelmente morre antes!
Vamos comparalo a Lady Loki E média não precisa ser atingida devolve todos os males de estatos aos adversários e causa mais dano além limpar os males dela e de todos ou seja e muita mais útil! Acho que um heroi tão raro quanto Myztero deveria ter sido melhor elaborado!

Resumindo Mystero o que tem de raro tem de insignificância nunca vi 1 top com Mystero em sua defesa!
Eu acho a ideia do herói muito boa porem muito mau elaborado!
Nao me lembro de o ter enfrentado em investida não sei se é pela raridade ou por opção de quem o tem!

I got some of the gist of that.

I have both heroes and I almost never use Lady Loki (maybe once every 5 wars?). I find the combination of Myztero/Emilio much more effective particularly against Alfrike tanks - this pair get used maybe 3 out of every 4 wars.

It absolutely helps to have Myztero be charged after 6 tiles. This makes him able to cast back the tank ailments (hopefully) straight after the tank casts, although with boards even this can be a struggle. You would rarely cast back an entire set of 5 ailments although I did achieve something like this in a recent war hit.

He is still one of the most fun heroes to use and in his niche very effective (although I admit that running 3 Elradirs together is even more fun, but the niche where that is effective is smaller than Myztero’s niche)

@dawnsempires Tagging you as vice representative


i haven’t paid attention, but iirc, for whatever reason, Myztero hasn’t memorized Elizabeth’s mana generation ailment. i’ll try to find an Elizabeth or Hannah to test it against.

most ailments i’ve ever cast back were 4 at a time, three of them DOT.

i don’t have Lady Loki, but i would like to have her. i do think Myztero has a few advantages over LaLo:

  • Myztero casts back the ailments for the full duration rather than the remaining turns on them
  • Myztero does not need to be afflicted by the ailments at the time he casts them back for them to take effect on the opponents.
  • Myztero doesn’t need to be afflicted by the ailments at all. @Homaclese uses Emilio, and i sometimes use Vanda to prevent the ailments in the first place, but Myztero will still memorize them.

they’re just different, and i think they’re a lot more different than people realize despite seemingly having the same usage.

i only have three dark mana troops, and i put them on C. Rigard, Tiburtus with CB, and Ametrine, so my entire dark team charges in 9 tiles, rather than giving Kage and Myztero the mana troops to get them to 6 tiles while the others take 10 tiles. makes C. Rigard able to cleanse what Myztero can cast back. heck, yesterday, i was able to cast back Hel flank’s mana stop against the whole opponent!

overall, i think SG was very careful with Myztero because it’s very possible, if he gets the correct ailments, for him to be INCREDIBLY broken. like i said, i cast back a Hel mana stop in a raid yesterday. mana stop against all opponents sounds pretty broken, doesn’t it?


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