Buff Myztero

Nope. Sorry. I won’t vote for it. Getting an extra legendary hero in Myztero as a bonus draw at the cost of one summon is already too much. And you want to buff him more by including in his skillset the ability to remove status ailments to his allies? I repeat. This is a tall order. Try going to a chinese restaurant and when you are given a free fortune cookie, ask the waiter if they can give you some free sandwich, too.

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Yes you are right Myztero is a bonus draw like other HOTM’S but this is a game where I thought every character had some use at this point how hard/lucky he is to get he is WORTHLESS

If you have played long enough, you should have realized not all heroes are prized highly, not all event heroes are valued greatly and not all HOTMs are designed superbly. Myztero is no different. If i have him, i will ascend him. He is the 4th very fast purple legendary after Victor, Kageburado, and Clarissa. I think it’ll be fun playing him.


Wonder if you would of said the same thing about Margaret before they buffed her because people really complained about how WORTHLESS she was

Still not going for Marge. I’d rather prefer costume Kad. The thing is, only Marge is the VF green. Whereas purples have a total of 4, yellows have 2 currently (third would be Thor of Valhalla). The synergy of mana activation. Hmnnn. I may have forgotten some very fast hero

I don’t just depend on Very Fast mana I look at how whoever compliments my box. I have Margaret (3:70) plus Clarissa & Malosi both maxed and they are not on my defense team. But thanks for the info didn’t realize Myztero was Very Fast

Yes he is. That is why buffing him by giving him cleanse is OP already. All of the very fast hero has a certain degree of “defect” on them to balance that hero since they are already very fast, i.e. Kage (has low skill damage if target HP is below 50%), Clarissa and GM (both have very low offensive skill multiplier hitting only 3), Malosi (doesn’t hit hard), Margaret (is very squishy at the expense of crazy attack stat), etc.

Or instead of cleanse, reduces damage received to 40% over next 2 turns… or hits all at 150%. If the cleanse is too much, either of these would be sufficient. Look at all that tell does.

If he cleansed, at least himself I’d be happy. Just give him something lol… I wasted 6 tabards on him

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I really don’t understand how people on SG think.Or what I’m missing… they put out Myztero with very low chances of get it and after they release heroes way better(like lady loki) with more chances to get it. I’m really confused and
frustrated.If they don’t want to make him the OG of the game(because of his low chance of get it) at least to be in top. I think they should quickly buff him or rebalance things because it is a bad joke this and not looks good on SG.does anyone feel the same?


Have you noticed that loki and myztero have exactly the same special skill?

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Why does he needs to be one of the best heroes in town?
Just because the chances are low?
This hero is a free gift you can get when trying to ctach some old HOTMs from ToL.

This way, of making all new heroes better and better as the once before, has brought the game to the current situation.


I’m happy that Myz isn’t a must have. The game is addictive enough and SGG did well to make him cool, but average.

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how much pays you SG to try to make people to think like that? if its rare to get it than has to be special not average!


Eh? You want to make Myztero OP by reason of the low summoning odds getting him? He’s a free draw. Telluria and Vela were also free draws on their months of release and they somehow broke the previous meta. Even when those 2 ladies were nerfed, we are still reeling on their impact to the game. You want another fiasco? Think it over.

I can’t stress enough that the Secret Hero from the Tavern portal is just a freebie when you are actually chasing past HOTMs available in the Tavern. Myztero card is already clear of what he can do. The mods have also placed a thread for him in order for people to discuss the pros and cons. Aaaannnddd with these info in your hand you still use food and ascension mats to max him only to complain that he is underwhelming, the fault lies on the player ascending him. Mull it over.


why are diamonds expensive? because you can’t find it everywhere like aluminium. so if its rare to get its a must to be special… I won’t even take him to max because of how many better heroes are before him… but I see why some people say that he should stay like this… you know that you’ll never be so lucky to get him so why other people to be happy with him

why all the 5* are on a lower rate from other? because they better… so would not make sense that if you go even lower with the rate to be even better? its common sense but you don’t want to agree

The idea, from a marketing standpoint, is that if you buff a very rare bonus draw, people might actually be attracted enough to trying pulling for it. I saw how OP Telly was and dumped everything for her/him. Right now, no one is going to do extra pulls for Myztero.

As a near-FTP/very CTP, that’s totally fine with me if Myztero doesn’t get buffed- more money-saving for me. But it’s pretty illogical on their part (and I feel a little bad for those that were fortunate enough to draw him).

I haven’t used Myztero (obv), seen a few vids, but my impression is that a little buffing is probably fair as he doesn’t even sound like a Grade B hero.



Not all that is rare is valuable. Just because a thing is rare it should be valuable? Nope. In real life, not all that glitters is gold. In malls, you barely see human feces scattered inside the premises. And once you found one, that would be rare yet nobody wants it. In-game, not all heroes are much prized, even the legendary ones, event heroes, HOTMs also not an exception. Again, getting Myztero is just a lucky draw. A freebie. You can’t ask to have a salt-free swimming experience on an open beach where one can freely swim, can you? You cant expect to demand something more on a freebie, right?

like I said before… I won’t see anyone how has him saying that… just you guy’s who don’t have him! peace


Yep. I don’t have him. And as pointed by some posters above, it’s a good thing Myztero is not a must-have hero as this will enable a lot of us to save our money. And I just don’t want another Telly incident to happen again. But if I get him, I will max him as is since i also have Kage and 2 Clarissas, all very fast legendary purples. What i miss is Victor. Besides, I am already on a level where I can afford to max a luxury hero.

EDIT: And that’s the reason why those who don’t have Myztero dont want him to be buffed. With the very small odds getting him, most players don’t have him. Majority almost always win. Vox populi est suprema lex.

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