Buff Myztero

I’m not understanding his comment or post … why the need to feel bad about it ?

He doesnt like Myztero, he thinks he is unusable without a buff

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In my humble opinion, Myzteo is a disappointing Hero and especially so based on how rare he is to obtain. I’m willing to bet the majority of people that have him feel the same and agree that he is not a difference maker.

You are allowed to feel however you wish. Congratulations to those who draw him.

Not asking for a buff. Just expressing my opinion.


Happy to have gotten him in the first portal way back when, sad he is still trash.

I think i have to agree with most, i go to start to level Myztero and get another Dark Hero, any dark hero, that takes priority, he is still sitting at 1 and 1 as i have no incentive to level him. His effectiveness should also be measured by how many defense or war teams he appears in. I am happy to have, though he just occupies a berth at the moment.

Sadly to get Myztero, his probability is only 0.1%, why is the hero so difficult to get is not the strongest hero? On the contrary, they are weaker than normal heroes. Does SG consider upgrading them to maintain the fairness of heroes?

What is the probability of getting Myztero vs the probability of getting any specific non featured past HOTM in the TOL pull?

Hi @Homaclese, Myztero is fixed 0.1% bonus draw.

Thanks @XIX :slight_smile: still With Turpitude?
So FYI @Ronan060488 you have more chance of getting Myztero than 90% of HOTMs in the portal…

Yas, I’m still with Turpitude. :grinning:

I maxed him and he stays on the bench…even in wars. Most 4* heroes are better than him.

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I have him, i use him. Rogue emblems make him avoid attack but SGG should make him better, as i a very rare and difficult to get. I would like to have him memorize allies ailments and give it to enemies as negative… i.e. if boldtusk give +27% attack, he should memorize it and give to enemy -27% attack…
I use him with killhare, so the -20% def of Killhare is send back to enemies

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Use him with rigard costume wij mana troops , they Both need 9 Stones. The moment that teluria vela grave of jf fires, use rigard then mystero, lovely!

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Ignore people that are salty cause they don’t have any luck. Myzerto is a great hero. I maxxed mine and happy i did he is amazing against status ailment heavy teams. But people need to understand how to use him. I agree 100% he is underwhelming at 1st and for sure needs a buff of self cleansing/healing/taunt or something else to make him stand alone. I had 17 emblems on him but put them on Francine as she is my favorite and deserved rogue emblems right now


Just wanted to check-in on this topic.
I was reading more puff pieces on Myztero’s homepage:
[🍻 Myztero – 5* Purple/Dark -- "Secret" Tavern of Legends Hero]
how speed is a… “Huge… advantage…”

I’m not experiencing that him being charged before any ailments are memorized as an advantage,
of any degree…
The guaranteed AoE that hit-ALL are slow! And the less devastating ailments tend to target someone else…

His offensive moments are few and far between. For such a rare hero:
They missed the mark with this one.


The ailments don’t “miss” him. As a rogue he can only dodge direct damage. But other than that, you’re right! He sucks.


I’ll rephrase,
He tends to not be targeted, by the less aggressive and faster ailments.

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Ah, got it…understood.

I don’t think cleanse is enough… you practically need to build around him in a manner which drags the match out to squeeze any value out of this hero.

Make him cleanse and continuously reflect ailments after casting for 2 or 3 rounds.

Or memorize nearby allies. Reduce the memory length to 3 rounds.

Or… give him taunt. But he’s not sturdy enough…
A Secret hero! How exciting!
What an electrifying pull!

All turned into splat… with a strange odor lingering. Like SG just farted in my phone… they should do something about this, secret…

Dark Elemental Defensive down would be a fantastic addition to this card considering how rare it is to pick up.


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