Buff Myztero

You are being silly. Just because you don’t like him doesn’t mean that someone that draws him as a bonus draw should not feel lucky and priviliged. Especially if they enjoy the challenge of playing strategically to draw the most out of a hero.

Don’t make people feel bad when they should feel good.

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I’m not understanding his comment or post … why the need to feel bad about it ?

He doesnt like Myztero, he thinks he is unusable without a buff

In my humble opinion, Myzteo is a disappointing Hero and especially so based on how rare he is to obtain. I’m willing to bet the majority of people that have him feel the same and agree that he is not a difference maker.

You are allowed to feel however you wish. Congratulations to those who draw him.

Not asking for a buff. Just expressing my opinion.


Happy to have gotten him in the first portal way back when, sad he is still trash.

I think i have to agree with most, i go to start to level Myztero and get another Dark Hero, any dark hero, that takes priority, he is still sitting at 1 and 1 as i have no incentive to level him. His effectiveness should also be measured by how many defense or war teams he appears in. I am happy to have, though he just occupies a berth at the moment.

Sadly to get Myztero, his probability is only 0.1%, why is the hero so difficult to get is not the strongest hero? On the contrary, they are weaker than normal heroes. Does SG consider upgrading them to maintain the fairness of heroes?

What is the probability of getting Myztero vs the probability of getting any specific non featured past HOTM in the TOL pull?

Hi @Homaclese, Myztero is fixed 0.1% bonus draw.

Thanks @XIX :slight_smile: still With Turpitude?
So FYI @Ronan060488 you have more chance of getting Myztero than 90% of HOTMs in the portal…

Yas, I’m still with Turpitude. :grinning:

I maxed him and he stays on the bench…even in wars. Most 4* heroes are better than him.

I have him, i use him. Rogue emblems make him avoid attack but SGG should make him better, as i a very rare and difficult to get. I would like to have him memorize allies ailments and give it to enemies as negative… i.e. if boldtusk give +27% attack, he should memorize it and give to enemy -27% attack…
I use him with killhare, so the -20% def of Killhare is send back to enemies

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